Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eden's 50th

Counting all my blogs, Albums of the Weeks, my homepage and the one time only Weekend Special I have 49 contributions to this website. So in celebration of my 50th, I came up with 50 reasons why Beatles On The Moon is Awesome!

  1. I can show off my awesome awesome awesome writing skills
  2. I cann learned form pefrect being suc has Jason howto type a blog witout a singal tipo or gramaticle faux pa.
  3. Cock College
  4. The Cottage
  5. It has become an extension of the already amazing friendships that I have
  6. Using it to impress my lady
  7. Album of the Week
  8. Having an outlet that encourages my creativity
  9. And increases my productivity on the blog and in life in general
  10. It has given me more purpose in life and helped me see what truly matters
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  12. Reliving some amazing moments of my South American adventure by writing about them
  13. Guest Blogs
  14. Helly’s Video View finally giving this site a movie edge
  15. Marquee Moon – Television
  16. The ability to read back on old blogs from almost a year ago
  17. The power trip relating to being one of three dictators on this glorious site
  18. Envisioning flamboyant formations of pompous prose, and transforming those enlightened entities into dazzling displays of poetic prowess
  19. Getting lots of praise for blogs that I thought were shit, and barely any for my favourite
  20. Having pockets of my personal philosophies forever saved to give me a clear picture of what I believed and how I may or may not differ now
  21. The Rabbitron 3000
  22. Lee’s Comedy Collegeuntil it got shit
  23. Pretending to get annoyed at late or non existent blogs
  24. Pretending like I am only pretending to be annoyed
  25. Pretending to pretend that as I pretended to tend to my first pretention
    I tended to depend on a false pretence of intended tension
    Presenting an end to offend any pretended angst and languid intention
    And in the end depending again that my  friends pretend to resent my pretentious convention
  26. Getting new comments
  27. The freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom to blog about whatever I want, however I want, whoever I want and whenever I want…every Wednesday
  28. The humble feeling of seeing someone’s first blog stand out in a sea of experienced bloggers
  29. The bare honesty that this blog inspires
  30. Roy
  31. The feeling of writing a blog that I thought would be shit, but ends up being awesome
  32. The feeling of writing a blog I thought would be awesome but turns out shit
  33. Are You Experienced – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
  34. The Story of the naming of BOTM
  35. The pressure of making sure I have something to write about each week
  36. Top 10 week
  37. Feeling in the moment
  38. The lessons in proactivity
  39. Learning new things about some of my closest friends
  40. Funny comments sections
  41. Our number 1 fan
  42. Having something new to share with my friends almost every day
  43. The comfort of knowing Tones has “read the lot”
  44. Being inspired by someone else’s blog to change something in my life
  45. Me encanta dejar mensajes de amor para mi querida quesita
  46. Feeling like a philosopher
  47. Writing my musical influence at the bottom of each blog
  48. The fact that I could think up 50 reasons for loving this site without breaking a sweat (although some are kind of repeated)
  49. The fact that not many people know or care about it
  50. The fact that I love all of those who do
- Eden (while listening to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd)


    1. There used to be a time, back in the early days of BOTM, when Hamish had Monday, Lee had Friday, I had a day a month, and best of all Eden had Wednesday.
      Even though this is Thursday (what the fuck Eden!!!!) it feels like a good ole Wednesday, where an Edenly tagged blog brightens my week.

    2. Thanks for mentioning the Cock College. I'll have to do part dos.

    3. I like it Babe... specially number 45.... Pero, donde estan los mensajes de amor??????

    4. Hah, that was cool man.

      "until it got shit." - lol, Classic.

      This was heaps better then the blog underneath. ;)