Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Electric Cars

I may be naive when I say this, but wouldn't it be cool if we lived in a world where people did what was best for everyone, themselves included.

We can absolutely have electric cars on the roads. If starting now, every car manufactured was electric, then it would probably still take decades before everyone was driving electric cars because nobody is going to just abandon their current one. But still, there has to be a starting point, and the car and gas companies are stopping it from happening.

Just imagine if all these people meditated everyday and wanted what was best for everything. The heads of these industries would say, "well, looks like something has arrived that trumps what we've been doing. Now that we know, we'll have to stop. I'll have to find another job, but that's worth it for the sake of efficiency and the health of the planet I live on."

Sounds naive, but someone's got to think it.


  1. This simple little post started a cascade of thoughts. Obviously there is no answer to your question, but the reasons why electric cars aren't on the roads are deep.

  2. this is where money fails i think. In the book im reading, the author holds the idea that a capitalist economy is the perfect set up for humans to find purpose and strive forwards. I find myself agreeing with alot of the sentiment - giving people a fair system of trade and opportunity to excel - but when you see the oil industry and the immense amount of money involved it becomes clear that our greed is holding us back.

    Oil=money and money=power but if a new energy becomes commercial that completely negates the monopoly oil once held then oil=nothing. The oil guys want to stay on top so they use their power to restrict the advancement of better technologies.

    Like you say it's a shame people can't think beyond their own desires

  3. I came across a documentary at work the other day called 'who killed the electric car?'. Does everyone know this already?