Friday, May 21, 2010


Eden's blog got me thinking about death. I've often thought about it, generally I think about it after a close shave on the roads. From what I understand, a "conventional" fear of death is to be afraid of dying a violent death (getting shot, car crash etc)... or so pop culture/the innernettes tells me.

It's not a car crash I'm afraid of, it's leaving behind all those I love and how they'd feel. A fatal car crash is momentary physical pain, but your memory lingers on for decades. If you die in a way that could have been prevented, like making stupid decisions on the road, that's what I fear.

I'm not advocating living a safe life where you don't take any risks or have any adventures. That's probably worse than dying.

The idea of my mortality has impact on my daily life. It makes me happy when I'm feeling like shit at work. Recently at work we've (me and the guys on the helpdesk) have been getting worked really hard, and had some little perks taken away from us. I thought to myself, fuck this - I'm going to do whatever I like, I'll stick it to management, I'll refuse to do work that I don't believe I should be doing and I'll do what's right. In one year I wont care about anything that happen in the last two weeks at work, in five years I'll be in a different job and in eighty years I'll be dead.

Thinking about death brings you closer to how you truly feel about life.

- Dogman


  1. I posted the blog at 11:11

  2. What you say in the second paragraph is why I think suicide is wrong. People should be free to commit suicide if they have the balls (I know I couldn't bring myself to do it), but it is often done in an act of self pity - ala Tommy Wiseau in the Room - to make people feel bad. It just seems like a waste

    I guess that thinking about death makes you realise what is a waste of time in our everyday lives

  3. For some reason this is reminding me of what Billy Crystal's character says in 'When Harry met Sally'. He's talking about his 'dark side' and he says-

    'Whenever I buy a book, I always read the last page first. That way if I die before I finish reading it I'll know how it ends. THAT my friend is a dark side'

    A slightly lighter tone than what you were talking about I guess...

  4. Death has become a naughty word, but it's describing something we all will absolutely experience. It's liberating to know all this.

  5. I recently watched a movie where one of the main characters reads the last lines of books first to see if they are worth reading. I'm pretty sure it was another Rob Reiner film, too... funny that. Hmmm, I believe I got sidetracked from Helly's comment.

    I agree; it's the way I could go that scares me. Imaging dying from something like a red-back bite. Knowing something so small like that could end your life.

  6. Yeah you would, Jason. (Get side tracked from something Helly has said.) ;)

    Very true my man Hamo. I like the idea of fear creating a moment that makes u realize whats worth it.