Wednesday, March 31, 2010


When I first listened to Kanye West’s third album Graduation I was a big Kanye fan. However, I wasn’t immediately impressed by what I heard. But my disposition towards Kanye’s work at the time caused me to be more patient. I gave it a few more spins and eventually found myself enjoying it. This state of mind was also fairly brief as not long after that I realised that I hadn’t listened to it for some time and didn’t plan on listening to it ever again.

When I first listened to Keep It Like A Secret by Built To Spill I was completely unfamiliar with them and it was only by Lee’s reference that I gave them a chance. I wasn’t immediately impressed by what I heard. But Lee is usually pretty accurate with his recommendations, which caused me to be a little more patient. I gave it a few more spins and eventually found myself enjoying it. This state of mind was also quite brief though because I then found myself obsessing over it, craving more listens. The honeymoon period died off and I realised I hadn’t listened to it for some time, so I put it on again; loved it again; discovered new intricate sounds and gained a greater appreciation for tracks that I used to consider weaker. To this day I truly love this album.

- Eden (while listening to Keep It Like A Secret – Built To Spill)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wrestlemania XXVI Review

It was awesome.

 - Lee

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cottage

Cottage (kot-ij) - noun

A place where friends and strangers alike can post about anything.
Each post may be something new, each post may be a response to the last. Whatever you have to say, say it!

Album of the Week: Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures -

Moving Pictures is the most well known and commercially successful album by Canadian prog-rock band Rush, it was released in February 1981.

  1. "Tom Sawyer" – 4:31
  2. "Red Barchetta" – 6:10
  3. "YYZ" – 4:23
  4. "Limelight" – 4:20
  5. "The Camera Eye" – 10:59
  6. "Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)" – 4:44
  7. "Vital Signs" – 4:46
Why I Chose This

Brendon Giles said to me one day, "hey man listen to this, you can see where Opeth got the intro for Deliverance from!". I popped one of his head phones in my ear and clearly heard it, Opeth's Deliverance uses a similar intro to Rush's YYZ (ok, it's a ripoff). Awesome. I only heard this album a handful of times back then in High school and I really liked it. When I saw "I Love You, Man" for the second time just a couple of weeks ago, I knew this had to be my next AOTW. Enjoy!

- Dogman

AotW Home

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Bad Plan

D: Sup man!
H: You, apparently.
D: Well yeah, I’m trying to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.
H: Good to hear man. How, exactly, are we talking?
D: Internal dialogue.
H: Hmmm, ok. Why are we talking?
D: I have something to tell you.
H: What?
D: I’m going to dance around it for a while first. Drag it out.
H: Why? It’s just you and me.
D: You ask too many questions.
H: That’s cause you’re being a dick.
D: Hah! Wow, you’re funny. What was I saying?
H: You were going to tell me something…
D: Ahhh yes. I’ll start with a question – why do you wear the clothes you wear?
H: Because I like them, and they’re comfortable I guess.
D: Have you ever noticed that when a man is pursuing punani he often dress in nicer clothes? Like your pal Russell.
H: I suppose.
D: And you know why? ... It’s me!
H: Why you?
D: Well. It’s all for the pussy you idiot. All I want is pussy! I dream about pussy every night! Think about it.
H: Woah! Calm down man. I guess I have noticed that of a morning.
D: Of course you have, how about fancy cars, big houses, giant rings, the whole idea of capitalism! It’s all because of me.
H: Man that’s pretty arrogant. I think that’s all the invention of Man. And by man I mean men.
D: Well of course it was men, but who drives men to do what they do?
H: That’s a complex question. First of its pro -
D: Shut up! It’s me you fucking idiot!
H: Why are you so rude?
D: Because I wield ultimate power over your mind, I don’t technically have a brain, yet a still am the most powerful being in the world! Hahahahaha
H: That’s not even funny, you’re acting like a criminal mastermind now.
D: Hahahaha, its because I am you fool. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you. I’m going to ruin your life.
H: What! How?
D: Desire.
H: I have control over my desires.
D: Do you? Do you really?
H: Yes I do. I’m a good guy.
D: Empires have been built and have been torn down all because of me.
H: Because of arrogance?
D: Yes! But mostly because of sexual desire. Beginning tonight I will begin an assault on your sexual desires. You will cheat on Brooke. The logical and good part of your brain will force you to tell her. After you break up you’ll be alone. We’ll be alone - together. Our quest will begin. Our quest for women.
H: I don’t want that. I like pussy, but I don’t want that.
D: SHUT UP! It doesn’t matter what you want. After you’ve fucked you way through hoards of whores you’ll be left feeling empty and unsatisfied… but I won’t be. I’ll be feeling more fulfilled than ever. HAHAHAHAH! You’re an idiot Hamish. HAHAHAHA!
H: This is the worst plan I’ve ever heard.

Hamish and his penis in conversation one evening.

- Dogman

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Are we a consciousness born out of this physical realm?…or vice versa?

The Sun is always rising and always setting…even on Mars

The demise of a racist: He didn’t choose to be black but you chose to hate him for it.

The truth is a wonderful thing unless you hide it, and a terrible thing if you hide from it.

Enjoy life for what it is and you will find it becomes (is) more

Each moment is a chance to grow and then a chance to learn

Life is about turning fear into love

Each moment defines itself. Each moment by definition, shouldn’t be spent defining another moment.

If you can laugh about it, it can’t be that bad

- Eden

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alex Chilton R.I.P.

I discover new bands all the time. Some pass by me and I may never hear them again, and some stick around for a while. But only a few enter my heart the way that Big Star have. I discovered this amazing band in late 2008 and have been obsessed ever since. Alex Chilton is the lead singer, songwriter and he died of a heart attack a week ago. I have been thinking about him everyday since, and have been pretty messed up from it actually. I really didn't expect it to affect me the way it has. Big Star toured until the end of Chilton's life, and I know it sounds selfish but I really wanted to see them live and now I won't be able to. Waaaa. I just can't believe how lucky I am that those three albums exist, they'll stay with me forever. I'm not going to do a big write up on them because I would have to talk about every single track and I can't imagine talking about one and not another.

Alex Chilton, my hero, I'm sad you are gone, but I'll never stop listening to your songs. You were my age when you made them, and I'll always feel connected to you. Thank you for being a part of the runaway train that is rock and roll, I love you for it.

Watch The Sunrise

NPR story on Big Star from February 2010

- Lee

Saturday, March 20, 2010


"In general I am in favour of free speech but..."
Reader comment in response to an interview with one of the moderators of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

To me this person completely contradicted themselves in 10 words. You cannot be in favour of free speech while supporting any form of censorship. There are no 'buts' with freedom of speech - it's all or nothing.

Encyclopedia Dramatica has some of the most confronting stuff I’ve seen on the internet. Read an article about any minority group (or majority group for that matter) and it will be filled with every offensive stereotype you can imagine and more. But should you censor this stuff because it is highly confronting and mostly offensive? Cunt is another word for vagina, e=mc2, coke is black and bubbly and according to ED - niggers love fried chicken. These are all valid pieces of the human web of knowledge. Every last scrap of this information was generated in the mind of a human and even if you do censor them they still exist. To me this makes ED just as valid as Wikipedia. It’s what you choose to do with knowledge that makes the difference. Like the majority of humans on this planet, I don’t want to hurt anyone.

It’s likely that ED will be blacklisted under the new internet clean-feed that the Government wants to implement. Unfortunately it will be one of the many sites that will be blocked because it will be given a classification of “Refused Classification”. The government reasons that anything that you can’t buy on the shelves in Australia now (i.e. – has an RC rating), will be blocked on the internet with the clean-feed. So it kind-of sounds reasonable, except that pretty much everything that is rated RC isn’t even illegal in the first place. For those of you out there into ‘golden-showers’ (or anything remotely kinky), sorry… you’ll have to hunt that stuff down via illegal avenues if the government have their way.

Already we have a government telling us what we can and can’t see on our store shelves even though it’s not necessarily illegal. All this done under the guise of the “Australian Classification Board” - really, they should actually be called the “Australian Censorship Board”. Who in the government is making these rules? Why are we not being consulted? If we’re going to ban ED because of its offensive content, perhaps we should have banned the works of Einstein. After all he was the one who proposed e=mc2, and that was key to the creation of the atomic bomb. Where does it stop? That’s the problem with censorship – once you begin, it can never end.

Having been reading about this topic for several months I’ve come to the conclusion that censorship is bad for humanity. It shouldn’t exist at all. However, classification is a good thing, we should have an informative system (don’t get me started on the whole R+18 rating for games) so everyone knows what they will be seeing before they look. Obviously this isn’t always going to work but that’s life.

- Dogman

"History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power have destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again." – Carl Sagan

I would say more about the internet filter but there are others who have done a much better job than I ever could have. I urge you to read the following:

The Internet Filter Explained
An Interview with an ED Moderator

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Before I begin this piece I would first like to take the opportunity to direct your attentions to a blog from not so many months past that shares a similar title and subject matter to this ensuing entry which is surely destined to captivate your immediate conscious. I felt it necessary to make mention of it, for it covers most, if not all the sentiments which I am about to convey, or reconvey as it so happens.

Hamish - my adored and admired comrade and colleague on this little, big hearted blog - expressed his perceived notions of the topic through an array of personal experiences over years gone by. The influence of family and friends; arts and cultures; the stars and heavens above have so impacted my rouge tinted and amply adjectified compatriot, transforming him from persona to persona - each of which I loved and cherished with growing fondness – that I feel compelled to pay tribute to him and his scriptures with a turn of my own.

In the hope of achieving a somewhat varied description of said topic, I have endeavoured to present my argument within the confines and stylings of the text itself. Permit me to explain a step further. At the time of penning this eloquent piece (or typing as the case may be in this modern day, though it does lack a certain grace to name it such), I happened to be reading a book entitled Great Expectations by Charles Dickens; a masterful piece of literature, not unlike some of that found only on this magnificent site, with a gripping narrative and compelling characters.

Now before I mislead you any further, I do not make some allusion to a narrative present within this pretentious ramble that grips; or characters contained inside this elegant entity that compel (though none can deny dear sweet Hamish’s compellation of my affections only moments earlier). Nay, I must disclaim that this is not my intention; it is my intention rather, to highlight the style in which Dickens writes his novel and the manner in which it has so ingrained itself upon my subconscious. His long, expressive and generously punctuated sentences that command the attention of the reader; his liberty to use and abuse the boundaries of his language to further deliver his intentions; his extensive vocabulary and imagery which echoes throughout the mind with a poetic rhythm; all these are absorbed and fall from the immediate conscious only to later return as an unsuspecting influence mid sentence during the day’s conversation or mid thought during the night’s pensive self reflection.

I have found that this phenomenon occurs often: while reading Marching Powder, one man’s recount of a South American experience, I found myself borrowing his mannerisms whilst recounting a South American experience of my own; Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy inspired me to implement a sci-fi element to a story I was ‘typing’ at the time; for the week or so throughout my reading of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein I found myself with a substantially enhanced vocabulary and a penchant for speaking like times of old. As for Dickens and this blog…well the proof is in the pudding is it not? (perhaps not, one may question the relevance of such a saying upon such a pretext but fuck it Im not perfect…

- Eden (while listening to Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


(EDITOR'S NOTE - It is expected that approximately two people will comment on this post, possibly less. The author will not be offended. But the author also implores you, dear reader, to enjoy the passion that your friend has for something and not fucking ridicule it.)

"ROCKY, ROCKY, ROCKY" - 67,925 fans at the Houston Astrodome, Wrestlemania X-Seven

I stopped watching weekly wrestling towards the end of 2004, but I will still tune in once a year and watch the month long build-up to the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania. If you haven't heard of Wrestlemania, it's a huge event in which the biggest, most important (and best) matches of the entire year take place. It's basically like Christmas for wrestling fans. All the performers put on the show of their lives on the biggest stage of them all. Scores are settled, surprises are bound to happen and wondering who will have the best match of the night is all part of the fun. All the fueds finally come to an end, and hopefully the good guys win (in contrast to what some may believe, this does not happen every match. I once read in an encyclopedia that wrestling is a fake sport in which the bad guy beats up the good guy until the good guy makes a comeback and wins.... EVERYTIME!! Fuck you Britannica, you don't know shit. Talk to me about birds and flowers and whatever but don't try to tell me the babyface wins every match. You're only showing your imcompetence as a go-to source of reliable information).

Usually, Wrestlemania takes place in a massive stadium with up to 70-80,000 people in attendance. Who would want to watch the best show of the year from the bleachers of a stadium where the performers would surely resemble ants moving around a one centimeter squared circle is beyond me, but with that many people, it sure adds to the atmosphere when I'm watching at home, so I can't complain. The buildup to the big PPV lasts a little over a month, so for that period of time I become a fan of the product once again. This year will be Wrestlemania XXVI (how epic are roman numerals!), and is shaping up to be one of the best of all time, and I'm not just saying that because I'm in a month long Wrestlemania euphoria. The big show this time around features, among other things, the comeback of a legend, a rematch to one of the greatest Mania bouts of all time, and a world title match that has the potential be a surefire classic.

Suffice to say, I can't wait for Monday morning, March 29th. If you want me, I'll be on my couch with my cordless headphones on and my imagination running wild, watching the grandaddy of 'em all.

- Lee

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dean's Top 10

Hello people, Dean here. You’ve probably heard my name whispered around campfires and read all about the conspiracy theories which doubt my existence. But I assure you I exist and I am here to deliver my top 10 movies of the year. Enjoy!

10. Fantastic Mr Fox
I’ve never been the biggest Wes Anderson fan but this movie sucked me in completely. The quirky humour, the nostalgic animation style and the brilliant voice cast all worked together to make this one of my unexpected favourites of the year.

9. Up
I never cry in movies. Ever. Maybe because I’m super macho or maybe it’s because I’m a heartless robot, either way, nothing gets by my invincible barrier of non-emotion. So it came as somewhat of a surprise when I was blubbering like a schoolgirl within the first 10 minutes of UP. After delivering this emotional sucker punch, UP went on to be both heart-warming and hilarious all the while featuring rich characters and beautiful visuals.

8. The Hurt Locker
Intense. That’s the one word which sums The Hurt Locker up nicely. Broken down, the film is basically one intense situation after another with very little down time in between. The movie genuinely puts you in amongst the action and makes you feel every moment of dread and confusion these soldiers feel. Did I mention it was intense?

7. Coraline
While UP may have warmed my heart, Coraline connected with my love for all things dark and creepy. For what is essentially a kid’s movie, Coraline is one dark puppy. It’s not often you see a ‘kids’ movie which features an Easter egg hunt for the eyes of dead children. Damn that sounds messed up.
Wildly imaginative and sometimes disturbing, Coraline was my favourite animated film of the year hands down.
This is so the kind of movie I’m going to be taking my kids to see one day.

6. Watchmen
Greatest. Credit. Sequence. EVAR!
Now with that out of the way, Watchmen was an amazing experience. A deep and intellectual superhero film, which focused on, the flawed characters rather than epic set pieces. It manages to remain mostly faithful to the brilliant original source material while omitting very little from it.

5. District 9
Nothing says good times quite like exploding bodies; well that’s what I took away from District 9 anyway. Imaginative and exciting, District 9 contains a far more interesting and engaging story within its first 5 minutes than most movies have to offer over their entire running time.

4. Pontypool
Now here’s an awesome little flick I urge everyone to seek out. A sort-of-but-not-really-zombie-film set entirely within the confines of a small town’s radio station. To say anything else would take away from the surprises it has in store so all I’ll say is that this is one of the most unusual and original films I’ve seen for a long while. Check it out!

3. Zombieland
Here’s a simple equation I came up with; Zombieland = Good Time. It’s that simple.
Zombieland entertained the pants off me (literally) and left me with a big goofy grin plastered to my face from start to finish.

2. Drag Me To Hell
Sam Raimi’s return to horror was well worth the wait. I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts going in, but they were soon swept aside. Featuring some of the craziest and most memorable scenes in any movie I saw all year, Drag Me To Hell is straight up fun. Subtlety goes out the window early on as the film launches a full frontal attack of craziness to keep you entertained. The amount of times I blurted out ‘WHAT?’ while laughing my ass off is beyond me. After all, this is a movie which features a talking goat and a river dancing ghost in the same scene.

1. Inglourious Basterds
It’s not often a film not only lives up to your expectations but actually surpasses them, but that was exactly what I experienced with Basterds. The 2 ½ hour run time flew by and I loved every moment of it. My only complaint, now I have to wait who knows how long until Tarantino makes his next film (sad face).

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dogman's Top 10

Here can be found the forth 'Top Ten' list. Since when did this site turn into a bunch of lists? Oh well, they're easy. Like your Mum. I didn't seriously do that? OMG I did... epic failing of ruzzley proportions. Anyway, here is my Top Ten, slightly revised from Oscar day to represent more closely what I really think. Behold:

10. Coraline
Watched it in 2D at first, illegally, ‘twas ok. Then I saw it in 3D! It really is a good little story and it’s so lovingly hand-made it’s hard not to be impressed by it. They didn’t use a stereoscopic camera for this, each frame was setup, then *click* - move the camera slightly to the side - *click*. Beautiful.

9. I Love You, Man
Firstly I’d like to say Rashida Jones gives me wood. Now, aside from how funny this movie is, it showed me something that I was afraid I would become at one point in my life. It was confronting for me. Oh, I loved all the bits with Rush!

8. The Hangover
Seriously, fuck, how funny is this film? “Leslie Chow”, who thought of that? It’s honestly the funniest name I’ve ever heard. I should point out this movie is also an extremely clever detective story.

7. Zombieland
I saw the trailer for this and thought it looked shit. Dean loved it. So I got around to seeing it and man… I was not disappointed. Left 4 Dead turned into a movie. Well Zombie-wise anyway. Awesome!

6. District 9
One of my most anticipated movies of the year and it did not fail to impress me. A purposeful allegory that works on every level. It shows the hypocrisy of humanity in a new way and entertains the shit out of you at the same time. There is no other film maker that excites me more than Neill Blomkamp. What will he do next?

5. Inglourious Basterds
ROFL. How it is that someone is able to write dialogue the way Tarantino does astounds me. Insanely engaging. You know what? If you’re one of those people who are all like “Ohhhhhh I don’t like Tarantino films” and “Inglorious Bastards was shit boo hoo hoo”… I feel sorry for you more than anything. Your loss.

4. Watchmen
Like Sin City this movie is faithful to the source. The story is unlike any other and oozes a style that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve only seen the theatrical cut, which was awesome but I hear the directors cut is where it’s at. If you don’t like this film it means you’re not very smart and don’t appreciate film or life in general.

3. Avatar
Hyped up, talked down upon, yet 3 months and 2.6 billion USD later here it is at my number 3. Quite an honour, right? I love 3D. I love you James Cameron. I wanna fuck a Na’vi.

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
YES! Never have I been let down by a Potter film. The Potter universe was imagined perfectly yet again (gets better every time actually). Hermione is getting even hotter, Gambon is getting even more wizardly and wise, and Radcliffe is perfect as Potter. The next two movies are going to be incredible, and here’s a prediction people – they’ll make around 3 billion dollars (collectively).

1. Up
Cried like a baby for the first 20mins. Then I laughed, I was in awe and then cried some more. I like it when a movie makes me feel like this, it’s so rare. This movie made me feel love - the core of humanity.

Wow... I saw some great movies this year!

- Dogman

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Russell's Top 10 of 2009

10. Terminator Salvation - I must say as a fan that a Terminator movie being released after T2:Judgement Day is very ambitious, however I did enjoy the fresh take on the story that McG discoverd in this film. Great action scenes and cool FX. An entertaining adventure.

9. The Hangover - Damn, I gotta go to Vegas! Zach Galifianakis is king in this movie, transforming his quirky stand-up presence onto the silver screen very effectively. I enjoyed how the movie started with the "hangover", and worked backwards, automatically placing the viewer in the same state of mind as the characters.

8. Up - Made me a kid again. This was one of the first movies that I saw in 3d - roping me into the story from the opening scene. Pixar is building a long list of classic films - I'm eagerly awaiting the next.

7. Where the Wild Things Are - Ever since I saw the trailer to this film the excitement started to build. To me, the hype surrounding its release didn't affect my viewing experience, because I had this book read to me every night before bed when I was 7, so the hype's been building for a while. Spike Jonze somehow brought these characters to the big screen with no/little special effects - and the backdrop of the South Australian coast/dunes made the fantasy even more real.

6. Up in the Air - When I grow up, I want to be George Clooney. I was pretty excited to see this movie after enjoying Juno so much, and Reitman delivered on both script and film. It made me appreciate life and all it's worth - that's a good enough reason for number 6.

5. A Serious Man - Oh boy, what a movie experience this was. To me the Coens are up there with the best in making quality films. Every one of theirs I have seen has evoked so much mixed feelings, and none more so than A Serious Man. I think everyone identifies with Larry, a confused everyman asking questions to which there can be no answer.

4. Shutter Island - I don't want to give too much away, so I won't. Leo and Ruffalo are top notch. Just watch this movie if you haven't already. Scorsese is the man.

3. District 9 - My heart was pounding from the get-go. Blomkamp somehow made you feel love for the ugly alien creatures through the infiltration of Wickus into their domain. The blatent reference to apartheid was used effectively to evoke emotion from the viewer, while at the same time raising awareness of its existence to the broad public with a kick-ass movie.

2. Avatar - This 2 and a half hour roller-coaster is the ultimate fantasy. The story is so simple, yet it makes me think about life and love so much more than if a Michael Bay made this film. The 3d is so freakin awesome as well - it's strange to think that it won an oscar for cinematography, but I think all you need to do is watch this again and you'll realise why.

1. Inglorious Basterds - I wish that I could shrink Quentin Tarantino, put him in my pocket, and make him write everything that comes out of my mouth - if I could do that, I would be the coolest motherfucker out. I'm not sure how he did it but the script in this movie is perfect - the words spoken by the actors put a big fat smile on my face. QT was lucky to have such an awesome cast as well, both Waltz and Pitt delivered their lines with such gusto - especially Waltz. The opening scene is probably my favourite - when the "Jew Hunter" downs the glass of milk.. cinema gold.

- Russell

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eden's Top 10

10. Where the Wild Things Are – The hype didn’t help but this film still delivers on capturing the imaginations and confusions of childhood.

9. Hurt Locker – Intense! The tensions of life and death situations in war torn Iraq are portrayed with chilling realism. I’m never joining the army…

8. Anvil – Real life Spinal Tap. This doco is as much about human spirit and being true to one’s passions as it is about the funny fortunes of a forgotten hair metal band that never gave up the dream.

7. Inglorious Basterds – Tarantino gives his unique view of the world once again with this masterpiece. Tensions rise in each slow burning scene before letting the viewer relax for only a moment before the next one lights up the theatre.

6. Avatar – An amazing cinematic experience. One to tell the grandkids about.

5. Zombieland – An unexpected gem. Uses a tired genre, boy meets girl and odd couple clich├ęs, and predictable story arcs yet this film has limitless charm and perfect casting to put a fresh spin on all the old storytelling tricks.

4. Hangover – Insanely funny movie. Brought Zach Galifianakis to the mainstream and he delivered. Full of great one liners and moments with a storyline that takes the characters and audience on a rollercoaster ride around Vegas.

3. A Serious Man – I think I will be forever intrigued by this film. The Coens seem faultless as they continue to break all the rules of cinema. This story is about so many things and nothing at the same time. It raises the eternal question and gives us all the answers we don’t want to believe.
2. District 9 – I don’t know how Neill Blomkamp pulled this one off. With a tiny budget for his epic story he uses a lost alien colony to show us the weaknesses in humanity and the hypocrisies of race and class separation in society. Wickers is an amazing character. I love the fact that it all happens in South Africa, it is so free of the restraints of a Hollywood blockbuster.

1. Up – Never have I felt like a kid this much since, well, I was a kid. The idea is far fetched and childish, as are the characters and creatures and yet the whole movie just made me smile, choke up, get shivers, laugh. It was just so much fun to believe in this movie. All the emotions felt by the good guys in the movie were felt by me. I don’t know how Pixar do it, but I hope they keep doing it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lee's Top 10

10. The Hurt Locker - A movie that made me really feel a part of the action. To see what these guys go through wasn't necessarily eye-opening as much as it was a reminder. I was feeling it for days.

9. Inglorious Basterds - Tarantino was in total control while still seeming out of control. He came from behind and delivered big time.

8. The Hangover - As soon as this was over, I wanted to see it again. My mouth was sore after this one.

7. Avatar - Truly balls out entertainment. This is what the movies are all about. 

6. Up - I can't think of many adventure style movies to rival this. I remember thinking about fifteen minutes in that if there were talking animals it wouldn't work. I was wrong. This movie reached my gut.

5. Where The Wild Things Are - This movie sprayed itself all over me. It hit a nerve with me from my childhood and the way I loved to explore things. It captured for me the spirit of believing whatever you want to believe and is connected to the reason I love listening to music. 

4. District 9 - I was gripped from the first second to the last. And I had no idea what to expect at any point which is all too rare. A great conversation starter, you can spend all night with it.

3. A Serious Man - The Coens have made some of my favourite movies and this one lives up to their career of masterpieces. Like alot of my favourite movies, I could try to sum this up in a few sentences but it would sound laborious. The Coens obviously like a challenge and here they pulled it off.

2. Funny People - My love for stand-up and movies collided here to give me one total experience. Yes it's a full load, but I was wanting it to go on forever. Obviously it'll be a while until we see, but I think Apatow might be the new Woody Allen. One thing for sure is that he definitely is the new James L. Brooks, a perfect mix of experimenter and crowd pleaser. 

1. Anvil -  Perseverance, passion and love. That's what this movie is about. And metal. It's also the funniest and most quotable movie of the year. I'll never forget watching this with my best friend, the relatability of what was on the screen not escaping us. Because truly this is about the power of friendship and nothing is more important to me than music and friendship.

Friday, March 5, 2010

High School

As much as being a high school kid was awesome, it was equally as shitty. The first thing that comes to my mind is how much stock I'd put in what other people thought. I'm positive there were people out there who were a lot more vain that I was, but still wanted to be cool as much as the next guy. I don't think I succeeded though. This brings to mind when I was growing my hair really long like Eden. It became such a part of who I believed I was and how I thought I was perceived, that when the time came to cut it (Year 10 formal I think), it scared me. Turns out after I had it cut (really short), I felt better... and no one cared. Really it was a burden to have the hair, at first I was doing it for me, then for everyone but me.

Something I find quite funny is perception of time and work load. I used to think that going to school from 9-3 was such a looooong day. After having worked 8 and 1/2 hour days, sometimes much longer, sometimes with little to no break, you wonder what on earth you where complaining about! Looking back at how little work you were actually required to do and how easy some of it was is kind of funny to me. Though to be fair, it wasn't that easy at the time. Like everything, relativity comes into play.

Bullying and teasing is pretty shitty too. For a couple of years I got called ‘Red Nuts’ quite frequently (for obvious reasons), I think I put on a pretty brave face at school but at times it broke me after school when it was only Mum around. Not only did I get bullied, I was a bully*. I’ll always feel bad about the time I teased Lee for a whole lunch time (40 minutes!). I was also the first person, in conjunction with Lee Brown to tease him on his first day at Penno. In fact, Lee Brown was one of the kids who teased me about having red pubes in Yr 7 (he and I became friends in Yr 8), make of that what you will.

But great things come out of high school. The best thing for me is Brooke. In amongst all the childish judgement and teasing I found acceptance, understanding and love! Turns out school wasn’t so bad at all, in fact I often think I would be cool to go back.

- Dogman

* To be honest, I wasn't bullied. No one really picked on me over and over and over. Bully is just an 'easy' word to use in this instance.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eat Him By His Own Light

Falling…Falling…A perpetual descent, shrouded in fear. Stretching further and further away from some unknown point in the blackness above me. Its nothingness has become the only colour I remember. Plunging into the eternal depths, my stomach churns and my blood bubbles from the intense pressure. Suddenly the sensation of anticipation stings my every sense of being. It engulfs me like the black sea into which I sink. No sight or sound warns me but I feel the end nearing.

"I don’t want to go back! Let me stay here! Please!"

It closes in on me at a million miles an hour. I haven’t felt my heart beat for an age.


I wake up coughing for breath. Panicked attempts to inhale are denied as the oxygen refuses to enter. What is this? Why can’t I breathe?! After what felt like an age, a final desperate hack and a searing liquid exits my body. Hunched over I continue to struggle to regain my breath. As my senses return I hear my movements making splashing noises with each movement. I find myself on hands and knees in a shallow pool, but I dare not call it water. The liquid is like a thin paste, uneven in texture. With chunks and jagged solids that send chills through the spine at a touch. Simultaneously, and to my horror, the sense of smell and taste return. I immediately vomit up the precious little contents of my stomach. The bile and acid settle on my tongue and provide temporary relief from the stench of the foul liquid that surrounds me. I still can’t see anything.

Reality begins to sink in. I am still here in this place. I have no recollection of how I arrived here. I crave for just a single ray of light. I cannot guess as to whether no light exists in this place or if the harsh liquid has blinded me. The desire to scratch out my own eyes to ease the pain that the liquid has caused nearly drove me to insanity. Instead I ventured into the unconscious bliss where I fell to my eternal death –only to re-awake, surely, in Hell.

As my mind becomes settled I start to form a clearer thought pattern. The liquid, which was once only a few inches deep now reaches halfway up my shins. I climb to my feet, wishing I could be fully free from this filth. But I cannot even stand as the roof hangs low and forces me to hunch awkwardly. The claustrophobia overwhelms me. I try to yell in despair but the liquid and the remains of my own vomit stifle my voice. I hack through a burning pain to clear a passage. Words have left me.


Spitting out what I guess to be blood, I listen to the chilling silence as it taunts me. No echo returns my cries for help. The walls feel as though they close in. The liquid at my ankles tightens in texture as if it is trying to trip me up. Beckoning me with a sinister caress to return to it; to lie in wretched harmony like a coffin and its owner. My breath shortens. Panic begins to set in. I feel light headed and off balance. I stumble forward- NO! I catch my fall with a desperate lunge. I must try to do something! I decide to map out the physicality of my invisible surroundings.