Friday, February 5, 2010

My Lonely Quest To Expand The Boundaries (With The Help Of The 'Rabbitron 3000')

When my husband is bored with me I understand. He'll only see what he wants to see for as long as he wants to see it. But our sexual life has been waining for some time now. We still have a goodnight kiss, but beyond that feeble exchange, we have not touched each other with passion since what now feels like a past life. But, nonetheless, it was a life filled with ecstasy. I can still remember the way he used to caress my bosom with the tip of his fingers, circling my nipples until they were beyond erect, all the while whispering his future plans. Eventually he would turn his attention to my inner thigh, slowly crawling his fingers like five soldiers on the frontline, preparing for battle in the deepest, darkest forest. He enjoyed me when I was unkempt. My husband was good at thinking of different ways to have sex. Not just positions, but environments. Once, and this was my favourite, we had sex in a bathtub filled with jelly. It took a while to set and was very expensive, not to mention sticky, but that was what made it so fun. Plus it was a bath-shower in one, so washing ourselves off was not that difficult. I don't like to waste so I, with no help from my now satisfied husband, scooped the jelly out afterwards and used it for deserts. It always tasted nicer knowing it had semen in it somewhere.

Lately, he may have stopped seeing me as a piece of shit whore, but I have not. A few weeks ago, I bought a new dildo. I hadn't seen the new types of toys out there and I was taken aback by the selection on offer in todays market. I bought some off ebay because second-hand is always cheaper. My favourite of the new items is the 'Rabbitron 3000'. I have been finding many ways of using the wonderful solar powered machine. But whichever part of it I use, the effect is always the same. I slide the contraption around my lips as they secrete what I need to take the next step. My clitoris stands at attention. My labia has no idea of what is in store. I can now feel myself becoming wet as I think about my gorgeous neighbor, Jason.

I no longer need my husband or the jelly. All of that is in the past, far away from the paradise in which I now operate. Needless to say, I am becoming extremely creative with expanding the boundaries of my vaginal wall.

 - Debra

(While listening to Stat)


  1. I've got a quarter chub.

  2. Hahahahaha perfection. I've got a half chub.

  3. That title makes so much more sense after reading this delightful piece

  4. I never knew wikipedia could get so graphic either