Monday, February 15, 2010


They took the 'shake the baby' app out of the itunes store because it was offensive. Here's who they are 'protecting':

- people who were going to shake their infant. Of course now they won't.

- people who have shaken their baby. Of course now they'll stop.

- people who have killed their baby by shaking it. Of course now they realize it was wrong.

- people who have had their baby shaken by someone else. Of course now they are angry.

Taking the app away won't stop the crazy people from being crazy. Nobody is gonna go on the computer, look for some cool apps, find 'shake the baby', download it, play the thing and be like;

'omg srsly this is fkd, I protest!'

or alternatively

'omg srsly now I feel like killing a baby'

Just another example of why the world I live in is weird.

 - Lee


  1. Haha I would loved to have played this game... oh well.

    Yeah it's like most things I guess. If you try and censor the internet, in the end people who want to kill themselves will find the info on euthanasia, people who like kiddy porn are gonna find that too.

  2. There's kiddy porn on the internet?!


  3. el likesawesomeblogs locoFebruary 16, 2010 at 2:09 AM

    that was an awesome blog!

  4. man everytime i read those last 2 possible quotes i hear your impression of toni and it makes it even funnier.

    postscript. lol @ russ comment