Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jumping off

I suppose I'm hitting the ground running as a new blogger with a'serious' reflection and can I say how privileged I am to be a part of it all *blush*

Here it is ...

Apparently it is as easy as just jumping off a plane... ah I mean a train, that's right. Woah that was weird. As I said... Jumping off a train - or maybe just - getting off.

When your thinking gets onto a well beaten down train it does little to try and change the course of its direction - its fixed to the pre-existing tracks. You're brain/mind self just chills out, often goes stale, moulds and vegetates to the rhythms of predetermination and expectation.

You've been there before and it's nothing new.

Deeply etched patterns of thinking are often fairly negative. it's just so easy to know where you are going. It's unpleasant and cold yet you still do little to change it because at that moment all you are anticipating is the narrative - the following sequence of events. Oh that's right and now is the moment I close the door on my face... then slam my head against the wall ...well because I just slammed the door in my face!

It's unfortunate when this pattern sticks. The more you do something the more you become receptive to the things and triggers of that thing, the easier it is to jump back on and 'enjoy' the ride. We create paths in our mind.. and if there is a loud and clear path everything will try and make it's way to that one. The more it gets reinforced the harder you think it is to just get off.

As I was speaking with a friend... we concluded that it IS that simple... you can just get off... just jump off. Just like I jumped off a pile of 10 metre high rocks into salt water on the weekend. One of the most exhilarating things I've ever done. My sternum is bruised and my neck is sore - well worth it!



  1. Welcome to the site, Sarah!

    I had a situation a month ago where I 'jumped off' the train. I was at work pissed off for whatever reason and just fueling myself with self pity. Then i realised that nobody else knew how annoyed i was, it was just me in my head. figured if I just stopped reinforcing my negative mindset it wouldn't exist. And it worked pretty well.

    Ist that you in the photo or just a random internet pic?

  2. Wow.. That's a demonstration of great strength and will. Nice one. Just be open to the change?

    Bah Thats an internet pic! I wish .. there was a whole group of people that starting watching us jump off and they had awesome cameras. SO there may well be an epic photo of my disastrous fall but I don't have it!

  3. Hey Sarah, nice inauguration, you're gonna fit right in here!

    I had this situation tonight. I said to some people at work as we were finishing up and heading to our cars, "Hey, wanna see my impression of a baby!?" and this girl in a really rude way goes, "no.......... i don't like babies'

    I said playfully, "I don't even care about the impression anymore, i just need to know why you don't like babies??"

    She replied, "they're stupid and ugly." And she gave me this look like almost to say, 'seriously man you're weird and i reeeeeeally don't wanna be talking to you right now'. Trust me, I know that look.

    After spending about a minute thinking about it on the way home wondering if i offended her or something, i thought, i'm only taking on her burden and giving it to myself. I then felt sorry for her, coz for fucks sake, she doesn't like babies....

  4. As soon as she said she didn't like babies you should've ripped your best baby wail right in her stupid face - sorry if you are reading this baby hater.

    I had a similar "jumping off" experience in thailand, and it was quite literally jumping off a cliff. We were told about this 18 metre cliff jump on our way to Maya Bay (the beach), and as I was with a bunch of jocks I never really doubted that I would do it. But as I climbed up the rickety wooden ladder strung together with vine, we passed the 7m cliff and a few guys pulled out - I had to keep going. I jumped in the end and it was awesome, much better than your girly *cough* 10m jump Sarah... Just kidding, that was a cool blog, welcome :)

  5. i might reiterate that i was 'jumping off' my way of thinking, akin to Eden's comment. I like this post because it can be interpreted to mean alot of things, well whatever you choose to an extent.

  6. I like your first sentence, it's kinda funny when I think of the blog that came before it. Hah... anyways.

    What your saying is what's happening to me right now. I'm working a job which I hate, but because I've been there for so long its just the norm for me now. I just need to jump of it. The negativity I feel when I'm working sometimes in horrendous, but fortunately I'm a positive guy and I can make myself laugh. I was giggling a lot when I was writing piss fiend at work. Even that will only get you by for so long, change is what's needed!

    Awesome write, Sarah.

  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone.

    Hahaha yeah you must be a pretty angry person to not like babies and you can't help but feel sorry for that person... when people react negative to positive you just got to shut it out. She had no right to reject ur baby impression !!

    I can just imagine buffed up jocks chickening one by one climbing up a what?!.. a vine ladder? That's nice.. but that's calculating the drop as you climb? Well done for persevering. In hindsight I think that my jump was about 7 metres. 10 metres is like 3 stories... this is the place -

    Yeah well humour is the key no? When we don't use our imaginations and take 'reality' for what life really is just a pile of matter. And yeah that sentence was kind of in reference to your blog Hamish - I was almost puking then half laughing then cringing then laughed - just a little