Friday, February 19, 2010

Timeless Mind

The day Brooke turned 23 we were in the car with her parents and brother. Her brother asked how it felt to be 23, she said it was the same as 22. Someone then asked Brooke's dad how it felt to be nearly 60, he said the same as when he was 23.

My mind is timeless, but my body is mortal. The difference between the ageing of the mind and body are opposite in a way - while your body will slowly deteriorate, your mind will gain more knowledge, become wiser. Perhaps this is why you never feel as old as you truly are, because your mind doesn't actually have an age.

Right now I feel younger than I am. I feel like a child in a grown-ups world. Perhaps I won't ever grow out of this feeling. Maybe I'll be a 20-something for the rest of my life. I hope so.

- Dogman


  1. I definitely don't feel 23. I still feel like a teenager in many ways or maybe just like a 20 year old. But when I think back, My mind was definitely different back then. I agree that older doesn't really describe the change though. I also agree that I would love to stay mentally 20 for ever

  2. i've thought about this often, how sometimes people patronise old people, saying 'aww they're cute' or something. I think i wouldn't like that, considering it's still the same soul looking through those eyes. i still feel like a little kid sometimes, but in other ways i feel so in control of my world, which i didn't feel as a kid. Maybe part of growing up is having many mindsets.

  3. It's like what your mum always says to me - "oh Russell, even though I'm [insert age], you make me feel 20 again! Now come back here you bad boy!!"

    Weird that you would blog about timeless minds

  4. I'm a completely different person to when I was 16, or even 20. Even so, I'm still amazed by the fact that I am 23. Next year I'll be 24! Agghh! One day I'll be 40! ZOMG!

  5. I'm like almost 25 which is almost mid-twenties!!!