Thursday, February 4, 2010


I’d like to have written post about the search for extra terrestrial life myself, as I’ve watched and read plenty of amazing ideas. However, I just don’t know enough about the topic to write a good blog. I would do no justice to the imagination and complexity of the ideas.

Fortunately, I found this video. Yeah it's about aliens n shit, but even cooler is that it's Neill Blomkamp – the guy who made District 9. Enjoy:

- Dogman


  1. Shit that was intense. A crazy (and very new to me) way to look at the potential of evolution

  2. I've read a bit about artificial intelligence (or artificial intellect as it might be know in the future) and it seems we're rapidly approaching this 'singularity' as Blomkamp called it. I once saw something on TV where a bunch of futurists believe that within this century there is going to be a global referendum as to whether we actually 'turn-on' these super-intelligent machines... ones that surpass our own intelligence. Obviously the results are unknown and could be dramatic.

  3. that video was amazing. He explained everything so well. Hamish, what you just said about stopping it before it happens was going through my head as i listened to Blumpkin. The next question is, could an option to 'turn-on' the machines even exist, if the technology for the machines to even exist is there. I don't know how we could stop worldwide technological advances. It's sort of equivalent to something i was thinking the other day, which is, if the internet were to suddenly break down and all pages weren't accessible, we would surely have backups for alot of it somewhere on harddrives and whatever. The same thing applies to the machines, could you possibly stop it all? I don't think there could be a switch for the inevitable, if it IS inevitable.

  4. If you created a program that smart, you'd have to do it on a machine that isn't connected to the internet. In fact it couldn't even be connect to the main power grid (eventually powerlines will be internet capable) because the moment you finished creating it, wouldn't it realise it was in danger? It would try to copy itself somewhere else. I dunno thats just a thought, but its possible. If I were AI I'd try to save my ass. Maybe not, after all it is human made.

  5. There are three possible outcomes that I think would happen after 'flicking the switch' and making computers essentially think for themselves, i.e. smarter than humans.

    1. They take over the world and attack humans, Terminator style
    2. They teach us the way of the samurai, changing the world and civilisation as we know it
    3. As Hamish said the results will be unknown and could be dramatic.

    The third option is what will happen for sure - because when the time comes when humans design AI that is truly smarter than the human brain, surely we will not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend what they are capable of.

    Regarding a global referendum on whether we should 'turn it on', I say fuck yes - why should we die wondering, let's see what these machines can do!

  6. Oh yeah, if Neill Blomkamp is interested in shit like this... imagine what sort of movies he's going to come up with in the future.

  7. Well he did say there would be some nature reserves. Maybe a small amount of humans would exist in these reserves while the machines get on with the real work.

    That is assuming the machines have sentimentality or a value for history. Or maybe they still see some potential for learning from organic life. Not likely though. Probably just end up expanding and expanding until they can catch up to infinity...pfff good luck

  8. Blompawinkle talks about a type 3 civilisation, one where we harness the powers of the universe. What happens when the 'machines' achieve this? Can you harness the powers of parallel universes?

  9. I decided that the 'flicking of the switch' should only be done by the machines when they learn how, therefore meaning they have to earn the right to become the most superior beings in the region

  10. lol region. It's my assumption that it can ONLY happen when they learn how

  11. well if they so dang smart, they better fuckin learn. And I aint gon' teach em nuthin. goddang metal honkeys come into MY city. Into MY bar! If I see one more of those circuit sapping, superiority complex, wannabe lifelike, walking calculators I swear im gonna emp the fucker right there on the spot!
    Hey Darlene! Darlene!!
    Dont you 'what' me woman! Just get me ma emp raygun, bitch