Monday, August 24, 2009


The times when I'm alone are often the most productive parts of my day, I don't mean productive in the sense that I get actual work done (contributing tax dollars to society) but I do get a lot of good thinking done. Reflecting on yourself, your thoughts and what happened to you during your day is something everyone should do as it helps in all sorts of situations.

If you're worried about something, speaking to friends or family about it is often a great thing to do, but then again, talking about whatever it maybe over with yourself can be just as good. When I'm worried or concerned about some pending event, and I have a moment to myself, I like to think of the worst that things could turn out. Seems like a silly thing, but confronting what your worried about (and essentially afraid of) brings clarity and the ability to deal with it before it even occurs - that is if the worst case scenario even does occur. So you screw up a work, you're really worried... what's the worst they can do, fire you? Maybe, but now that you've thought about it you're already starting to come to terms with the possibility.

Decision making - I do this all the time when I'm alone. Whether it be accepting something the way that it is, or deciding that I need to change, I think a lot of this happens alone. I was looking to buy an apartment many months ago, I had been looking around for a while and nothing was right, I was loosing interest. One night after having finished a book I sat and thought for quite some time, it was then I decided I had to do it, that I could no longer sit on the fence. So I did it, it's a few months later and I have the apartment I set out to buy. Talking to someone I believe would only have clouded my thoughts, only by sitting and thinking to myself was I able to realise what I truly needed to do.

This what being alone is for, realising what you are, what you need to do and what is truly important.

- Dogman


  1. Some would say that's like praying, but really it's getting to the true you. Sweet article. Sweet. Cool.

  2. Mos def - praying to yourself.

    Glad you liked the read.

  3. I agree that you know yourself best when you are alone. When I was travelling by myself in the States in 2006, my mind and heart spoke to me because there was no-one else around to talk to.

    I also think that when you're alone, you sub-consciously have the freedom to think whatever you want; as opposed to when in the company of others, you are constantly thinking (whether consciously or not) about what to say next, how am I being perceived etc.

    If everybody could obtain a solitary state of mind amongst others, then this world would be a better place.

  4. Solitude + music = Enough reason to keep living and be happy

  5. I was about to write something about listening to music alone, but then i thought it was a little off the topic of just being alone and thinking. But then again it isn't.

    Totally agree with you and Russ.