Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Women Are Awesome

A smile came to my face immediately when thinking of something to write for the "Why ....... is Awesome" section of this blog. See this is my first entry to this Blog so I had to weave my way in, and the Awesome files sounded easy. Now, what is awesome?

Women. They are huh? I love everything about women. Each girl has something unique about them. Whether it be a smile or laugh, or the feel you get when falling asleep with her in your arms. No matter what it is every girl is cute in their own way. Which is why I wanted to bring them up because if anything is awesome its women. Although, that’s not where it ends with girls. It’s not just the slow kisses when falling asleep, or the smile they make in the morning when their eyes have barely opened, or the scent they leave behind on the pillow. They’re just the parts we want to remember and care to love. Now, I’m no Casanova. Wouldn’t be calling me no Fabio. I ain’t no Jude Law. Can’t say I’ve ever been titled no Don Juan. People don’t call me Russell Brand. Wait, maybe the last one has been thrown around 5 or 6 times but that’s not the point. What I’m trying to say is I’m no Jack Nicholson, but I did kind of think I had some idea as to knowing them.

Here is a perfect example. This was said to me a few months ago that totally blew my mind. I was talking to a girl about relationships and fights, and boyfriends and girlfriends, and so she says,
‘If a girl asked you for space, what would you do? Would you try and contact her?’
Now like I was saying before, I’m no Antonio Banderas, but in a situation like this, I thought I would have it handled, play it cool, wait a week, let it cool down and see where your at. I mean, its right there, she’s asking for it. Only a certain Michael Bay with 200mil could fuck this up. So I says,
‘Give her space.’
To which she responses with,
‘No. Girls want you to contact them when they say that. They don’t actually want space.’

Can you believe that? That’s like telling me to go hire Batman Begins when you really want to watch Michael Keaton in the real batman, the only Batman. Actually, Adam West gets a gold star too. As for you Mr Bale, how about u go play the lead in Terminator only to come out a supporting. Pfft. You know who we were really rooting for. Way to turn John Connor into a douche bag.

My point was lost, much like Bale’s focus in the filming of Terminator. I think what was I was trying to say was that women play with your head. Tell you one thing and mean something else.
“Call me, it’s not just a drunken number give. I really want you to call me.”


No answer.

Speaking of playing with your head, look what happened to The Beatles. Nuff said.
All that aside, mind games and such, I’ll still dodge oncoming traffic to introduce myself to a stunning brunette across the road, because no matter what, the list is endless when it comes to women. It’s just, we are yet to figure them out.

- Luke


  1. Nice article for the first guest blog ever. Although I don't appreciate the criticism of Bale's Batman. Easily the best Batman of all

  2. "Now like I was saying before, I’m no Antonio Banderas" hahahaha so good.

    Sweet article man.

  3. haha!

    Knowing you enjoyed it Hamish makes me the happiest little girl on earth. Boy.

    As for you Mr Eden, thank you. It feels great to be a guest. It's like all my dreams are starting to come true. So, I just wanna thank everyone who believed in me and knew it could be possible. A quick thanks to Casting director Mr Clarke for giving me a shot, and the producers Mr Sullivan and Mr Gow, I appreciate it, its been great. And mostly just the fans. You guys out there reading the blog. Your the true inspiration. Thank you.

  4. haha that was great, from the heart. I really like the imagery, plus the little tangents are hilarious. Good pic too. I like Michael Keaton and Christian Bale.

  5. I like the fact that even though it is about women you still talk more about movies

  6. This bit funny: "My point was lost, much like Bale’s focus in the filming of Terminator. I think what was I was trying to say was that women play with your head."

  7. ahaha! I'm trying to talk about women but my love for movies is like,
    'women are awesome? u serious? fuck this ill bring us in where ever i can.' lol

    lol, bag on bale a bit more then just pull women back into the convo. ha.

    I dont know whats better, this blog, or my year 11 story about robots.

  8. That should be the Weekend Special.

  9. oh man that year 11 story abotu robots was one of the funniest things ive read

  10. Now for some real criticism:
    Too many double negatives:
    "Can't say I've ever been titled no Don Juan". "Wouldn't be calling me no Fabio".
    So you would be calling yourself Fabio?
    "Nuff said" Seriously,
    Is it too hard to write 'enough'?

  11. Absolutely is the correct spelling. :P

  12. haha pwnage Anonemis!! The 11 year old story can be weekend special if luke would like? Luke, would you like? I can make it happen.

  13. hahaha maaaaaad pwnage! who is that doosh bag anyways? too scared to put he's real name. what a scaredy cat.

    As for the weekend special. I'm down for sure.

    Unfortunately the story is in my house somewhere in Sydney and I am on the other side of the world. plus I have no idea where it is IN the house. So, we are shit outta luck.

  14. LOL Scaredy cat! Double pohnage!

  15. I want to do bad things to Rachel McAdams on that boat.

  16. I did bad things to your mum while rachel mcadams was on that boat.

  17. I knew a mum joke was lurking in the shadows lol.