Monday, March 29, 2010

Album of the Week: Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures -

Moving Pictures is the most well known and commercially successful album by Canadian prog-rock band Rush, it was released in February 1981.

  1. "Tom Sawyer" – 4:31
  2. "Red Barchetta" – 6:10
  3. "YYZ" – 4:23
  4. "Limelight" – 4:20
  5. "The Camera Eye" – 10:59
  6. "Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear)" – 4:44
  7. "Vital Signs" – 4:46
Why I Chose This

Brendon Giles said to me one day, "hey man listen to this, you can see where Opeth got the intro for Deliverance from!". I popped one of his head phones in my ear and clearly heard it, Opeth's Deliverance uses a similar intro to Rush's YYZ (ok, it's a ripoff). Awesome. I only heard this album a handful of times back then in High school and I really liked it. When I saw "I Love You, Man" for the second time just a couple of weeks ago, I knew this had to be my next AOTW. Enjoy!

- Dogman

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  1. Awesome, I can't wait to hear it!
    Also - minor grammar burn... commercially* successful album. Sorry, had to do it.

  2. Rather than calling the beginning of Deliverance by Opeth a ripoff, since they cite Rush as an influence, it's obviously an affectionate nod to the Canadian rockers.

  3. great first listen, my kind of album. His voice is great, and the bass work is great. Vital Signs is great

  4. Pretty great isn't it Lee. I've heard it twice now, wasn't amazed the first listen but the sound is kind of growing on me. Just like something you want to rock out to.

  5. Just had my first listen - some awesome drums and bass on these tracks. They have such an epic 80s rock sound, works well with the songs. Looking forward to listen numero dos!

  6. Ive heard it a few times now and find that I am excited to listen to it before I put it on.. The songs are fun and epic. Tom Sawyer is the best opening track I love the way the songs are structured, they have awesome changes mid song as well and some tricky prog rock (i think) stuff. I like listening to it before i go to rehearsal, get me into rock mode