Friday, March 12, 2010

Dogman's Top 10

Here can be found the forth 'Top Ten' list. Since when did this site turn into a bunch of lists? Oh well, they're easy. Like your Mum. I didn't seriously do that? OMG I did... epic failing of ruzzley proportions. Anyway, here is my Top Ten, slightly revised from Oscar day to represent more closely what I really think. Behold:

10. Coraline
Watched it in 2D at first, illegally, ‘twas ok. Then I saw it in 3D! It really is a good little story and it’s so lovingly hand-made it’s hard not to be impressed by it. They didn’t use a stereoscopic camera for this, each frame was setup, then *click* - move the camera slightly to the side - *click*. Beautiful.

9. I Love You, Man
Firstly I’d like to say Rashida Jones gives me wood. Now, aside from how funny this movie is, it showed me something that I was afraid I would become at one point in my life. It was confronting for me. Oh, I loved all the bits with Rush!

8. The Hangover
Seriously, fuck, how funny is this film? “Leslie Chow”, who thought of that? It’s honestly the funniest name I’ve ever heard. I should point out this movie is also an extremely clever detective story.

7. Zombieland
I saw the trailer for this and thought it looked shit. Dean loved it. So I got around to seeing it and man… I was not disappointed. Left 4 Dead turned into a movie. Well Zombie-wise anyway. Awesome!

6. District 9
One of my most anticipated movies of the year and it did not fail to impress me. A purposeful allegory that works on every level. It shows the hypocrisy of humanity in a new way and entertains the shit out of you at the same time. There is no other film maker that excites me more than Neill Blomkamp. What will he do next?

5. Inglourious Basterds
ROFL. How it is that someone is able to write dialogue the way Tarantino does astounds me. Insanely engaging. You know what? If you’re one of those people who are all like “Ohhhhhh I don’t like Tarantino films” and “Inglorious Bastards was shit boo hoo hoo”… I feel sorry for you more than anything. Your loss.

4. Watchmen
Like Sin City this movie is faithful to the source. The story is unlike any other and oozes a style that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve only seen the theatrical cut, which was awesome but I hear the directors cut is where it’s at. If you don’t like this film it means you’re not very smart and don’t appreciate film or life in general.

3. Avatar
Hyped up, talked down upon, yet 3 months and 2.6 billion USD later here it is at my number 3. Quite an honour, right? I love 3D. I love you James Cameron. I wanna fuck a Na’vi.

2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
YES! Never have I been let down by a Potter film. The Potter universe was imagined perfectly yet again (gets better every time actually). Hermione is getting even hotter, Gambon is getting even more wizardly and wise, and Radcliffe is perfect as Potter. The next two movies are going to be incredible, and here’s a prediction people – they’ll make around 3 billion dollars (collectively).

1. Up
Cried like a baby for the first 20mins. Then I laughed, I was in awe and then cried some more. I like it when a movie makes me feel like this, it’s so rare. This movie made me feel love - the core of humanity.

Wow... I saw some great movies this year!

- Dogman


  1. Gawwwwd, not another top 10, ever heard the saying three's company, four's a crowd?! Mate?

    Cool list, I gotta read/watch watchmen, my next activity after my current novel.

    Oh, sweet mum joke, I'm proud of you.

  2. Ouch man! Russ just gave you a ruzzle blessing. i'm a little scared for your mum joke career...

    Up ftw!

  3. Hah! I can recognise a ruzzle. Russell doesn't even recognise, he probably should plagiarise, he tells jokes with closed eyes, i can't even sympathise. To comprehend a ruzzle - your mind has to elasticise.

    Chyeah Up!

  4. A ruzzle is like a riddle wrapped in an enigma, not even I can understand its beauty

  5. you've really embraced the ruzzle haven't you Russ. It's sorta like when Hitler embraced killing Jews.