Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lee's Top 10

10. The Hurt Locker - A movie that made me really feel a part of the action. To see what these guys go through wasn't necessarily eye-opening as much as it was a reminder. I was feeling it for days.

9. Inglorious Basterds - Tarantino was in total control while still seeming out of control. He came from behind and delivered big time.

8. The Hangover - As soon as this was over, I wanted to see it again. My mouth was sore after this one.

7. Avatar - Truly balls out entertainment. This is what the movies are all about. 

6. Up - I can't think of many adventure style movies to rival this. I remember thinking about fifteen minutes in that if there were talking animals it wouldn't work. I was wrong. This movie reached my gut.

5. Where The Wild Things Are - This movie sprayed itself all over me. It hit a nerve with me from my childhood and the way I loved to explore things. It captured for me the spirit of believing whatever you want to believe and is connected to the reason I love listening to music. 

4. District 9 - I was gripped from the first second to the last. And I had no idea what to expect at any point which is all too rare. A great conversation starter, you can spend all night with it.

3. A Serious Man - The Coens have made some of my favourite movies and this one lives up to their career of masterpieces. Like alot of my favourite movies, I could try to sum this up in a few sentences but it would sound laborious. The Coens obviously like a challenge and here they pulled it off.

2. Funny People - My love for stand-up and movies collided here to give me one total experience. Yes it's a full load, but I was wanting it to go on forever. Obviously it'll be a while until we see, but I think Apatow might be the new Woody Allen. One thing for sure is that he definitely is the new James L. Brooks, a perfect mix of experimenter and crowd pleaser. 

1. Anvil -  Perseverance, passion and love. That's what this movie is about. And metal. It's also the funniest and most quotable movie of the year. I'll never forget watching this with my best friend, the relatability of what was on the screen not escaping us. Because truly this is about the power of friendship and nothing is more important to me than music and friendship.


  1. Hahahahaha!!! Oh man this is almost too much!

    You managed to be hilarious and serious.

  2. LOL I've read it thrice already.

  3. hahaha how did you manage to fill the holes with so many innuendos? Funny and interesting

  4. OK, I'll go for this one; You're mum was feeling it for days! Yeah!

    Seriously though, Apatow the next Woody Allen... Big call.

    Also, "A movie that made 'really me' feel apart of..."

  5. all fixed. I also said apart, when it should be a part.

    It's a very big call to say the next woody allen because it's gonna take alot of movies and alot of range, but i think there are some similarities. His movies are deeply personal and he is going towards more dramatic tones. I can only hope.

  6. haha i didn't realise that the innuendo was intentional the first time i read it...clever.

    Good Top 10 as well

  7. el feel like locoMarch 9, 2010 at 6:00 PM

    I feel like quagmire when he discovers internet porn.