Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sack Whacked.

Most of my time spent in high school was spent standing in a circle, scared of being sack whacked. The fear didn't take control until the first time it happened to me. Watching people get sack whacked is very different to the personal experience. I think back to my first few years, I was so naive, so innocent. I laughed along with the others, unaware of the evil that existed right in front of me.

What are everyones thoughts on this dreaded exercise?


  1. HELD never really sack whacked each other. We made each other laugh through pure comedy that comes from a real place.

    I do agree tht it is funny to see someone sack whacked though

  2. The 'L' in HELD stands for Luke, lets just be clear on that.

    Anyhow. Sackwhacking is just as bad as dacking, though sackwhacking is far more common. The "goog" thing about sackwhacking is, when you get got - everyone knows you're a real man. No one would writhe in pain if they didn't have a nice plump set of balls, right?

  3. hahaha on three counts, the held and its pure comedy, the 'L' in Held and the conformation of a man.