Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Internet Shield

I read news websites, tech/games websites just about everyday at work, and all these websites I read open themselves up for comments on their articles. For quite a while I imposed a ban on myself from even visiting a news website, they're so filled with bile and terrible reporting that I just didn't know why I was reading them anymore.

I remember one day Brooke and I were driving to work when we drove past a horrible car accident, the car had been ripped in half and strewn across the road, we were a bit shaken up just seeing it. I got to work and wanted to read about it, in the afternoon the news sites started posting their articles. Well... here are some of the charming comments from one news website: Mercury News – Fatal crash ‘the worst ever’.* Clearly these people were thinking about how the families of two young men were changed that day.

Today with the announcement of Apple's new device - the 'iPad'. I think the negative comments have outweighed the positive about 25 to 1. I don’t get it, considering Apple has sold over 250 million iPods and over 40 million iPhones, they know a little about hawking cool looking shit. Give them a little bit of credit for trying something that’s somewhat new.

Negativity leads to dead ends, in fact it doesn’t even go that far, leads to unhappiness and stalls progress of humanity. How about this negative guy:

That rules by the way…

I don't come across this much negativity in real life, and never in my life have I heard anyone say anything so heartless and callous as what I've read on the news websites. It just shows how much the internet acts as a shield for cowardly behaviour. I found Eden’s article yesterday so uplifting, it made me feel happy, infact I'm re-enforcing my personal ban of news websites. If I need something to read, I'll read something positive like BOTM (which now has over 100 posts).

- Dogman

*I tried looking for the one that was on, it had some amazing comments... this was the best I could find unfortunately.


  1. Fuck that video's cool.

    If you want a good news website go to - maybe just stay away from the comments because people love to say negative things, and spray everyone else with their conventional wisdom.

    I'm going to watch JFK clips all day at work now...

  2. There's so much in that speech that just fucking rules.

  3. conspiricy theorist 11January 29, 2010 at 2:47 AM

    dam brother, nice post. Very original.

    I haven't really seen many of JFK's speeches before, but this video and a few others got me thinking, that he is the greatest president to have run that nation. which is what alot of people say. Which only makes this more fuel for my conspiracy fire. For him to be assassinated, only makes me wonder.

  4. Man that's only 2mins of a 18min speech and even that is amazing to listen to. Thinking about how piss weak leaders of today are compared to the power of that speech alone... man its sad really.

  5. i love jfk coz he sincerely believed in space travel and used his power for good. And he fucked Marilyn Monroe. Great post man.