Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s Therapeutic

Bathing with therapeutic bath soaps such as this range from PRE de Provence will restore lifeforce and generally make you a better person

I’ve found myself saying this a lot in recent times. "It’s therapeutic." I used to view the word as something the hippie corporations branded their tangerine coloured, cinnamon scented rose gold priced candles at the Crescent Moon or Rising Sun stores. You know the ones with the healing gem stones, Indian dreamcatchers and of course a younger version of myself sacrificing hours of my childhood in order to get a Crunchie thick shake when my mum finally left.

But since those days of having vanilla pot-pouri incense still ingrained in my T-shirt as I lined up at Wendy’s with a lavender coloured fiver in my hand, I have come to better understand the benefits of therapeutic activity. I have taken a large interest in Yoga and Meditation. Two practices which promise amazing results if strong determination and enthusiasm are used in the process; two practices which I would have originally scoffed at as stupid or gay; two practices which most certainly delivered on their promises.

And as I grow older and wiser I find that more and more things fit under the guidelines. Perhaps it was the understanding I learnt through meditation that instant gratification is often anything but gratifying almost instantly. I find that anything that you take your time to appreciate and understand will offer you heightened peace of mind.

So enjoy the simplicity of life next time you are wading in a body of water like a pool or the beach, feeling the sensations of the interaction with the cool water. Then drying off in the warmth of the Sun, aware of its heat slowly evaporating the little droplets. Thinking about the strange beauty of the water cycle as it returns to the sky only to fall again. Reading a book and being taken to another world of shared imagination between yourself and the writer. Coming home and showering, taking time to keep yourself clean and healthy. Preparing a meal, with care and patience, letting the aromas whet your appetite. Conversing with a loved one while you eat. Not complaining or feeling hard done by as you clean the dishes. Listening to some music as you take a light jog to a friend’s house. Not rushing as you chop some spouch. Patiently refining your rolling skills. Enjoying the rush of endorphins as you laugh your ass off. Falling asleep. Your body relaxing and your mind entering a world of your own imaginings. Waking refreshed for the day, preparing yourself for work, enjoying your breakfast. Taking some time while in traffic or on the train to find a calm peace within. Doing your duties diligently, chatting with fellow employees. Returning home to loved ones in that peaceful train carriage. Writing a blog while listening to Built to Spill. Fine-tuning your guitar skills. Watching your favourite show. Learning something new. Relaxing. Exercising. Laughing. Crying. Fucking. Working. Creating. Meditating. Inhaling. Exhaling. Loving. Living…It’s therapeutic.

- Eden (while listening to You In Reverse by Built to Spill)


  1. Reading this blog.

    I love how you use an adjective to describe the $5 note - genius.

  2. I enjoyed reading that so, so much.

  3. great article. Really soaked it in, how apropos.