Friday, December 31, 2010

Why SMS is Beautiful

The following is a SMS exchange between the Dogman and the Leeman on eve of New Years Eve.

Dogman: Let me know if I need to bring sumfin.
Leeman: Fuck man, I talked to Brooke last night. Alright fuck, here we go: sleeping bag, swimmers. Get it?? Fuff...
D: Lol fuff. Is that an acronym? Ask your mum if she's go any dommys, if not I'll bring some.
L: Fuff is like saying 'for fucks sake' but being so annoyed you don't get past one syllable. Bring a g-string.
D: That's like a ruzzel man, you used ot be funny. Anyway, I'll g-bang it up. Don't forget to ask donna 'bout dommys for my donga.
L: Don't bring any beers. The Kanch has it covered.
D: Nice. Can you ask your mum if she has a mask for my meat?
L: Umbrella for the rain coming from your purple vein.
D: Lol. A jar for the tar that flows thick from my dick.
L: A dam to block the jam from your cock.
D: A bowl to catch the jizz before the snatch.
L: A cover so huge still wont hold my splooge.
D: A plastic pocket to protect from the socket.
L: Hey man in all seriousness though, I'll ask my mum if she has a loo for your goo.
D: Or a gas chamber for my dying jews. Does that make sense? I'm blogging this whole conversation btw.
L: I already did. In my blog: ihaveablogandidonttellanybodyaboutitcozmynameisedad.fagspot.cunt
D: A beaker for my bunsen burner, to keep the solution off my sneaker and in the spunsen spurner (vagina, your mums vagina).
L: Dude I don't wanna kid around anymore.
L: Something to hold back the cum from the spawn shack of your mum.
D: Spawn shack, lol. A sheath for my sword to prevent a baby from being stored.
L: Doing the deed without spreadin' yo seed.
L: Fucking her silly without producing a Billy.
L: Stemming from the old adage 'fucking her brains out': Getting rid of her knowledge without paying for college.
D: You're on fire with your prose, I'll need to think up more to do with my hose.
D: Her jocks around her socks, my cock in her box.
D: I can't do this anymore.
L: I've shot my wad as well. Greatest blog evarr!

And so it was...


  1. LOL

    L: Stemming from the old adage 'fucking her brains out': Getting rid of her knowledge without paying for college.