Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Success Breeds Success

Sometimes it is a tough job being a blogger. I sit down without any fresh ideas in my head to write, and set myself the goal of creating something interesting. This is the hardest way for me to write though. Often my mind just isn’t able to come up with anything relevant or clever or funny; it just stalls on random thought trains and blanks out and starts thinking about watching TV or playing guitar. There is no foundation upon which greatness can build.

Of course we all know that my blogs ooze greatness like Alexander the and the GOAT LL Cool J had a baby and called him paradise. This is because my typical methodology revolves around a constant inner monologue of observation and self assessment that spawns an idea. This is then built on with bullet point guidelines, followed by a first draft and an edit and a photo in case the subject matter is still lagging. So when I try the method in the first paragraph I am usually out of my depth and not very productive.

But one thing I have noticed is that once I crack that virgin idea I get on such a roll that it culminates in more and more ideas and one of those can plant a seed and impregnate BOTM with a beautiful Peruvian/Australian baby boy. It’s funny how things come in bunches. It reminds me of a recent camping trip with Luke: “It comes in waves, man”

So a trick I have learned to exploit this is to simply start writing about a random subject. Just hope that it turns into something useful itself otherwise it can spark up some other idea. I started writing this blog on whim on the train, just a skeletal draft (the humour was spliced in later) and while writing I stopped halfway through and jotted down the makings of another blog. This one!

Pretty clever, maybe, but I actually hoped to have three or four blog ideas spawning out of this one just to prove the point. But then again, sometimes our expectations aren’t always met. Sometimes they are exceeded. The trick is you just gotta take the good and the bad. Like the other I was- actually, you know what? I might save this for another day.

- Eden

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