Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a Dream I Had

So I was in a pub having a few drinks, when I found myself in conversation with 3 girls - one of them had cancer. She was smoking hot but appeared to be in perfect health. They told me her boyfriend hadn't proposed to her yet, therefore they couldn't have sex yet. The problem was she badly wanted to be fucked. They wanted me to do it.

I found myself back at her place, banging her on the lounge with her two friends watching. After a short amount of time there was a knock at the door. I'd ordered some pizza from Pizza Hut earlier on, so it was the pizza man. I opened the door just a crack (I had a woody), slipped him the money and told him to leave the pizza on the ground outside the door. I went back inside to keep fucking.

Not long after, another knock at the door. It was the cancer girl's boyfriend, apparently there to ask the cancer girl to marry him. We ignored him and kept fucking. After we'd finished we went to get the pizza... the son of a bitch ate half of it.

- Dogman


  1. That's a pretty awesome dream, but i think you should consult a dream expert to identify the significance of the pizza

  2. ahahah! thats hilarious. was that really a dream? if so, eden has a good point.