Sunday, December 5, 2010

Responsive Mind

I’ll just open this by apologising for the shitty blog on Wednesday. It was meant to be a throw away mid week attempt but then I just ran out of time and had no back ups to put up so I typed some stuff I scribbled down after a few beers. But this brings me to this blog which I hope is much better, and I will post it mid week to make up for lost time. Basically in the last week I have lost a lot of my free time and it has got me thinking about how my body and mind is responding.

Humans are adaptive creatures. It is part of evolution to adapt and we do it better than any. Our bodies will customise themselves to whatever situation, e.g. my fingers are becoming super quick at slapping a bass, and have calluses to boot, while I always used to think I lacked dexterity; People who used to sleep 9-10 hours a day find themselves able to stay active with only 6; and if you run to the point of exhaustion every day one day you will be able to do a marathon.

But for me it is the adaptive quality of the mind that is more intriguing. People say they could never survive in prison, with the beatings and the butt rape – “I’d rather kill myself than suck a dick” – but then in prison there are plenty of people who suck dick daily to save their lives. Look at all the bums on the street. At some point in their lives they probably lived with ample luxuries but now they are accustomed to sleeping on cardboard and begging for money.

I never thought waking up at 6am each morning and working all week, while still managing to write and play music freely would be possible. But after a week of it my mind has already accepted the idea and I have actually started writing more often and putting more effort into the band. It’s as if my mind has become more switched on while my body is lagging behind with fatigue. I’m sure eventually it will catch up but at the moment I am simply impressed by my productivity and pretty annoyed at how much time I used to have and how little of it I used. I guess that is the story of youth though isn’t it? Wasted on the young.

On a philosophical side note perhaps the reason our mind is so adaptive is because one day it will have to deal with the concept of death. Not many people ever seem ‘ready to die’ but it is one thing we all have to do.

- Eden


  1. I find the more present I become as I focus more on the now, the more productive I become and the less hours I want to waste. Cool blog.

    Just like Eckhart Tolle says: 'The secret of life is "die before you die" - and find that there is no death.

  2. nice man. Its got me thinking.