Friday, October 8, 2010

Danny & Annie

I was going to try and write something about love and love stories with the intent of posting this video. However, nothing I can write is good enough. This should be shared:

- Dogman


  1. That was a really cool video, thanks for posting it. You're such a sweetheart Dogman...

  2. Wow, I got a little choked up...
    Funny how true stories with real people are so much more powerful than anything a film or book can be

  3. rofl, that was hilarious. I love cartoons.

  4. Farout. Its been a while since I've gotten choked up. For a second there I thought something was wrong with my heart since I used to tear up at the drop of a hat. But there is vid has gone and done it.

    That was amazing. Truly beautiful. Nice post hamish.

    and yeah, i feel ya eads. On both counts.

    oh and lee, rofl.