Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Past Master

Let’s get this one out of the way early on. The Natural is the new number 1. For the first time in Tekken history, the Master has been dethroned. Tekken Takedown Tuesday (05/10/10) will be a day to remember for all those in the Tekken realm.

The Title

In the build up to the fight The Natural had had a few chances to battle The Master in a non title fight, but chose not to use his new secret weapon – Xiaoyu. This would prove critical in the much anticipated title bout. Xiaoyu paired up with Paul to challenge for the belt. The Master on the other hand, still struggling to cope with losing the NRL Grand Final, had decided to keep his winning combo of Bruce and Julia.

The fight started as planned. The once feared Paul lined up against Bruce and got his ass kicked. The doubters had said what they said about Bruce. But Bruce came out swinging and KO’d Paul, a diving leg kick finishing him off as he tried to swap.

The next two rounds, however, were a different story. Xiaoyu was first out and was just too quick for Bruce. She quickly beat him down and Julia entered. Surely the jewel of The Master’s reign, the ever dominating Julia would put an end to Xiaoyu’s combos. But it was not to be. Xiaoyu did similar damage to Julia be fore tagging out to Paul who finished the job. Round 3 and Xiaoyu started again. This time Julia had a fresh start but the unpredictable and flowing combos could not be handled. Xiaoyu was unstoppable and severely damaged both characters before Paul finished the job. The Master was defeated.

Fight of the Century

Battle for third and The Heel, struggling to get his first Tekken Takedown win, was up against the in form Drifter. The Heel was in good form early, taunting his opponent and throwing out one or two grapples. Nothing flash but the Drifter couldn’t keep up with the early pace and The Heel performed one of his best post match celebrations to date. The Drifter enjoyed the show but he knew this was a critical fight – 3rd place and a shot at number 2.

The second round is one for the ages. Straight off the bat The Heel grapples. It draws mixed reactions from the crowd. Some instantly calling for a DQ, others claiming it is within the rules. But the most notable reaction was The Drifter’s. His spirit was crushed, The Heel had got to him. He was drifting out when he needed to be in more than anything. The round was steady, but for a few extra grapples and missed grapples from The Heel. It was tough to watch. Boos were heard, but what was more necessary was the support for The Drifter. The Magician offered encouragement and was chorused by The Master and The Natural. Dogman continued to barrack for The Heel. The Drifter rallied and brought the round to a heart stopping finale. With both opponents barely two hits from KO, The Heel reached out his two grappling mitts for a cheap effective finish. But The Drifter ducked! The Drifter punched! One! Two! KO! The crowd erupted. The Drifter had won the second round!

The third round. Tensions were high. The momentum and support was all behind the Drifter. The Heel had to do something. He did. He grappled. Groans of disgust were heard. Even Dogman began to question his loyalty. The fight was waged back and forth. A classic display of blocking and countering from the Drifter. The Heel struggled to find the chinks in his armour but for the repeated grapples. On any regular day, with any regular game, the dirty heel-tactics would suffice to crush the hearts of the good. But this was no regular day and Tekken is no regular game.

“I’m the Hero,” cried The Drifter and he surged forth. It came down to a nail biting climax. The Heel tried for a grapple but this one trick pony had emptied his bag of filth. The Drifter, timed his finishing strikes to perfection and KO’d The Heel. The fairytale continued. The Drifter was number 3!

Other fights

In a battle for fifth, the out of form Magician was challenged by 8th placed Dogman, who was promoted up the rankings due to absences from The Kid and The Masher. Despite his lowly form, The Magician dismissed the challenge with relative ease. Dogman proving his bite is no match for his bark.

In the follow up bouts. The battle for fourth saw The Magician challenge The Heel. Desperate to break his Takedown duck, The Heel would prove too strong. The Magician, however, was the creator of his own demise. He doubted himself mid fight, practically revealing his bag of tricks to The Heel before he had a chance to mesmerise. This fight was notable for The Heel promising not to be The Heel for this fight, but his win sparked a 3 minute victory lap around the house.

The Master then faced The Drifter for 2nd. The Master was keen to prove himself and earn a title rematch against The Natural. The Drifter was still riding the high of his previous victory and perhaps not in the right frame of mind for a win. Three close rounds played out rather predictably as Julia stepped up from her poor earlier efforts and cracked the brick wall defence of the Drifter.

New Rankings

- The Master

N.B. I'll be back Dean!


  1. That was hilarious!
    I'm a long time Heel supporter. I haven't lost my faith just yet, I just wish he'd use Devil.

  2. A great card overrall, every match was entertaining. Hey didn't master vs drifter go 3 rounds?

  3. Fight of the century is right, what a classic match. But I'll be back, better than ever. Will I use Devil? Only time will tell.

    On another note, man it felt good to win and destroy The Magician.

    (Cue Rocky Theme Music)