Monday, October 11, 2010

A Mind Alike

“The ‘you’ who is happy, 
is the right ‘you’.”

A: How to be..?
B: Be you.
A: And what if you is not right?
B: Then change you.
A: But then you are not you anymore.
B: Unless you agree with the new you.
A: But then who's doing the agreeing, you or you 2?
B: I don't know, but, I'm not sure what a pop band has to do with this..
A: What? No, you idiot. The new you.
B: Who is the new me?
A: The one you are becoming.
B: Who am I becoming!?
A: What? No one! What are you talking about?! This is about me!
B: What are you talking about, “Me...”? I am you!
A: That’s not the point. Look..
B: No. wait. You know what? I’m sick of you. You're always wanting something different, not liking who you are... making me question myself. I don't need that negativity anymore. It’s time to start worrying about real issues and stop wasting time on you. It’s time to get out of my head.
A: What!? You can't do this. I was you first! I know what's right for me!
B: And what’s right for me, is what’s right for you, and what’s right for you is just me. It’s time to open my mind. Be happy. Be me. Goodbye.

Written by,

          - Luke.


  1. I love that last line. I guess we all know what's really good for ourselves deep down but it's hard not to give in to the negative self

  2. This blog makes me want to take my clothes off and stuff.wooh!

    Haha, but on a serious note,I like the way you interpreted inner dialogue and negative self talk like two people arguing- it feels like that sometimes! Glad the positive you won this round :)