Monday, August 2, 2010

Buzz Words

All of us BOTMer's (the wonderful small group that we are) have passions and things that we love that are unique to us. And I have found over the years that through the things I love, have come buzz words. These are words or names that when said by a stranger on a bus, at the gym etc, we turn our heads and react. These words aren't exclusively our passions though, they could be a word that our grandpa used to utter or an old teacher used to always say that has stuck with us.

There are times when something you love is not a buzz word. For example, I am a pretty big Howard Stern fan but when I think about it, if someone were to say either 'Howard' or 'Stern', I wouldn't react because these words/names are very common. The exception to this rule is when I was at the height of my Ben Folds Five listening, and if someone said the words 'underground' or 'army', two fairly common words, my ears would perk up. Alright, I know what you guys are thinking, 'we get the point man, lets just hear your buzzy words or whatever', but I feel bad for not blogging in a while so I'm trying to make up for it. I guess you're right though, and as Helly tells me, it's quality not quantity. But I think I was making valid points, so I don't know why you were being a dick about it.

So in my experience, I have found my buzz words are:

Wrestling - being a fan and historian of something that nobody likes (or admits to liking) means that this has become a big buzz word over the years for me.

Karate - I have been involved with karate my whole life and it is kind of rare to hear someone talk about it. 

Vienna - one of the words in the name of a band I love. Rarely uttered by humans.

Eden - my close friend and a cool name and word. So rare you can see the blood seeping from it.

- Lee (while listening to Off Course)

What are your buzz words?


  1. FIRST!!

    that was awesome man. Except for the "buzzy" words, thought you would have had a bit more, and a bit more..better ones. ;)

    like.... van dam? thats gotta be one.

    For me, Future has to be one, when ever I hear the word future its makes me think of back to the future or futurama or time travel in general, so i turn to the person and take a good look at who ever used the word at the time. and then get deep in my thoughts on time travelling.

    for now thats all i can think of.

    "why you gotta be such a dick about it" fucking classic


  2. Yes, van dam is surely one. There had to be more! Hamish, sit down, take this srsly...

  3. lol "SRSLY"!

    But srsly, Butt Pressure is the best buzz word of all. Everyone is sayin it.

    For example I was at work today and the coffee machine wasn't working.

    Me: Ghey, coffee machine is broken.
    Guy: Lemme take a look sucka.
    Me: Oh please do, I need a hit!
    Guy: hmmm... yeah... looks like BP.
    Me: You mean Butt Pressure?
    Guy: No, I mean Broken Parts you fucking pervert.

    As for real buzz words (yeah butt pressure is one). I'd say 'shithead'. Its taken on a deeper meaning than just a childish insult.

  4. haha thats heaps funny guys! I miss you hamish and luke.

  5. Above comment is by Eden...unless you laughed at it thinking that Luke wrote it (and can bypass the fact that it is obviously by me because otherwise I wouldn't have written this comment...or would I???????That's a legitimate question)

  6. Triggered by Hamish's comment, one of mine is definitely coffee! I hear someone say coffee or any variation, lattle, cappachino, mocha and my ears perk up and then I must instantly have one! Oh you devilish brew, you'll be the death of me!

    Another one of mine is jazz, but mainly if I hear someone around our age say it. It's fairly unusual for younger people to like jazz, so when I find out that someone does, I have to know what some of their favourite standards are ( that's a term that only fellow cats would know!)

  7. sorry latte* not lattle

  8. cappuccino* :)

    mine is anything bout rugby league, love that shit

  9. Damn! I knew that didn't look right!

  10. russ, what would your buzz word be from rugby league? if someone were to say 'league' in a different context than rugby, you probably wouldn't turn around (or maybe you would?), but if you heard 'eels' in any context, i assume you'd react. But it couldn't be anything about rugby league, if you know what i mean.

  11. haha "he's stickin fingers up ppls arses"

    yeah lee I guess the words would be:

    "Parramatta Eels"
    "Hayne" - or any other eels players surname