Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"it's not what is, but what is not that is what it is not. And that isn't what it is, that does is what its not being." - El Ino posing as Eden

The other day this happened. I was doing this and that and a guy did this. At first I was thinking this, but then I thought I shouldn’t think like that and thought this. By the time I had done this, the guy had done this and I was feeling a lot like this. The next time we were doing this it was a bit like that, but I decided instead to do this and make this a more this-ish this. It resulted in this and now whenever we do this we are like this.

Him: Hey man is this it?
Me: No
Him: Is that it?
Me: No
Him: Then what is it?
Me: This 
Us: hahahahahahahahha

It made me think about how many times this happens; during this, or this or that. It isn’t always exactly like this though. Not long ago I was like this whenever I did this. I guess it’s also kinda like this or even this - well maybe not that but it’s a little similar. Even last year when this was happening I was feeling very unthislike. But I thised and thated until this became the this that I always knew this could be.

I guess we can all relate to this (maybe not this this, but thises like this). On my trip to this I had every opportunity to ‘this’ my way out of this or that but I thought of how rewarding this feels after thising and thised til my heart couldn’t this anymore, and as usual I was this and this.

In conclusion this.

- Eden (while listening to this)


  1. It's funny you posted this, cuz I was just thinking about that.

  2. awesome, and russ' comment is perfect