Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eden Recommends

We saw three movies in the time we were away and they have all been pretty sweet. The one common theme was that each movie had to be seen without any prior knowledge to get the best impression, so only read the after discussion after you see it.

Also, I think this should be called Eden, Luke and Jay recommend cos we all liked the movies, but I wrote it, so it’s just me.


Before you see it: An epic cinematic experience that plays with the unknown concept of dreams and the power and freedom that remains floating in the infinite expanse of our unconscious.

After you see it: This might sound cheesy but the whole viewing experience of Inception for me was like a dream in itself. I knew very little going in, bar the fact that I love the work of Christopher Nolan and Leonardo Dicaprio, and I came out of the cinemas blown away. I was and still am, however, finding it hard to know what to say about it, and harder still to truly piece together what took place –much like a dream ey? I guess if you surrender to the fictional elements of the story then it is very difficult to find fault in the movie. It may be long but, like The Dark Knight, it keeps the viewer engrossed throughout with exceptional pacing. I guess the only complaint could be that it doesn’t seem to address any issues, but then again it is an extremely well made thriller based on an extremely difficult and interesting concept – pure entertainment - so I can’t really complain.

N.B. I have only watched this once and hope to see it again soon...maybe I’ll have a different outlook


Before you see it: A fun and emotional character based indie flick that sticks with you despite a few flaws.

After you see it: I knew even less about this film than Inception, a random stab at an indie film with a cool cast was all it took for us to spend a chilly San Fran night at the cinema. The first fifteen minutes of this movie leads you on to thinking John (John C reilly) and his journey out of a depressive existence will be the focal point of the story. But then you are introduced to Cyrus (Jonah Hill). This is a little off putting but it pays off as he turns out to be another very interesting character. Supported by the forever hot Marissa Tomei the trio have some great chemistry that really clicks on screen. I really enjoyed the way the film spread the funny moments and the dramatic moments, which often catches you off guard but gives the scenes a stronger impact. The most refreshing aspect of the film is the openness of each character. The dialogue helps prevent it from trailing down too many clich├ęd story arcs, though in the end it does end a little abruptly. Also, at times I found the camera work to be a little odd (I’m no film expert so I don’t really know how to describe it) but it made it hard to believe the illusion of the story telling. This isn’t really a big deal and all in all this is a great little film with great characters, solid script and great acting (especially if you like the actors).

Mr Nobody

Before you see it: A mind bending exploration of the impact of choices, whether our own or others’, that ultimately defines our fate.

After you see it: I had no idea at all what this film was about before seeing it; we saw it on a last minute impulse to find something other than Sorcerer’s Apprentice to watch. This film had an idea it wanted to present and definitely gets the message across. It relates to everyone by dealing with the inevitable occurrence of life altering choices by presented one to a nine year old boy who refuses to make it. A quote perfectly sums up the movie “I couldn’t make a decision without knowing what would happen and after finding out what would happen I still can’t make the decision.” I guess in a way that is why we can’t know the future, because it really wouldn’t help us decide on anything. It was this kind of philosophy in the film that I found most intriguing. It finds a clever way, without seeming forced, to provide interesting information on the nature of space time over the course of the universe and relates that to the much smaller scale of one boy’s life. There are also some cool existential elements dealing with false realities and wondering whether anything really exists. However, the coolest aspect of the movie (a close second place being the soundtrack of original music and remixed old tunes) is the shots and scenes imagined by the director. Some tricky dick film techniques create very impressive visuals and it is easy to feel each emotion that Nemo feels throughout. The only complaints would be that the story is a bit of a mess by the end (although the point is made by that time), and although a very original film in essence it did borrow a little from The Butterfly Effect in my mind.

Anyways as you can see these are all movies that I recommend you see before finding anything out about them. Once you see them come back and discuss.

- Eden


  1. I better watch out, I think I have a rival on my hands! I've been really wanting to see cyrus, so glad to see that you gave it the eden tick of approval!

  2. Inception was so awesome, we gotta go watch it again. Never heard of the other two but I'll check them out after ur rekommendation

  3. I'm so jealous that you get to check out Cyrus, you sly dog you. I'm hanging out for it big time. Inception on the other hand blew... my mind! I seriously loved that movie.

  4. I can't believe everyone knows what Cyrus is! I think we enjoyed it as much as we did because we didn't know ANYTHING about it. Maybe if you're expecting something it won't be as good.

    Loved Mr. Nobody! I've been replaying so many of its scenes in my head. It was quirky, emotional, romantic, educational & thought-provoking, all in one. As the days go on, I like it more & more!

    As for inception, as the days go on, I like it less & less... I just couldn't take anything from it.

  5. hehe Don't worry Helly, mine only looks good cos I put in pictures and and fancy formatting. You're still the movie expert on the site.

    I can see what you're saying about inception, Jay, but in terms of a movie blockbuster you can't really want much more and with a concept as unknown as dreams it becomes pretty much sci fi so you won't be able to relate too much what is going on. Pure entertainment i say, can't wait to see it again.