Thursday, August 26, 2010

Merci El Ino

Hi BOTM, Russell here. The following is a letter written by my girlfriend, Lorraine, addressed to El Ino - because if it were not for him, we would not be together. The night I met Lorraine at Cargo she was with her roommate, Gloria. Naturally, El Ino being an Eyetalian himself, went for the lady of his origins, pairing me with the beautiful Lorraine from France. The letter is as Lorraine wrote it; because to edit it for her would steal away the poetry of the Frenglish that she speaks with. 

I never said thank you. I don’t mean I never said it, because I love to say it. But I mean that sometimes you got the feeling that you have to do something and then you just lost or forget it. That was my case. I don’t know how to create suspense or even if what I’m writing right now going to be meaningful, but at least I try. When you’re young you think you own the future. With all your discoveries (about yourself & the world with travelling, reading or doing something you really enjoy) you find a way. Sometimes a good one, sometimes a bad one. But we all know that we learn from life and also from mistakes. Even though I try to take good care of the people I love and share with others because it makes me happy, I am a human being so sometimes I don’t act perfectly. Nobody’s perfect I know - but damn feels so good to think you are ! Consequently, I am writing to apologize to the person who bring me so much since the last month. I said hundred time “thanks” to the wrong one, but now I think it’s time to fix the undo stuff and cross that on the list of unaccomplished tasks. Here I come, Thank El Ino for introducing me the special one I already know now. This one that I love from all my heart.

- Lorraine


  1. If I could speak in Frenglish everyday, I would.

  2. awww, thats cuteiful!

    No problem frenchy. I'll introduce you to russell anyday. ;)

    The thought process behind this letter is amazing, I love it.

    Although, maybe i had nothing to do with it. Maybe dinstiny already had plans for you two.

    or maybe im cupid.



  3. Definitely dinstiny had plans for us, but I also like to think of you as cupid - you would look so sexy in a little cupid outfit wif lil horrns aww just swo cooot

  4. Glad you liked it guys :)
    Hope you're all well and we'll catch up soon -or later. Until then, long live Australia!