Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gig Review: Band Of Horses (Enmore Theatre - 29.07.10)

Frontman Ben Bridwell rockin out.
Back in June 2006, Lee told me about an American band called Band Of Horses. They had just released their debut album, Everything All the Time, conveniently in time for my departure to the US. That album was like a soundtrack of sorts for my 6 month trip, (along with Arcade Fire's Funeral), getting plenty of air time on my ipod whilst travelling across the Midwest on Amtrak trains.

Lorraine and I walked in to find a typical indie crowd, chilling out with the opening act, lounging on the floor sipping their beverages. Band Of Horses came on stage to a raucous applause. They seemed extremely casual, not rushing into anything, but not taking too long either. Ben waltzed up to the mic and announced, "Hey Sydney, we're Band Of Horses, we're here to play some songs, and here's one of 'em". They opened with one of my favourites, The Great Salt Lake from their debut record. I had been dreaming of hearing that song live, and it didn't disappoint. Is There A Ghost? was next up, from their 2007 album Cease to Begin - another fav of mine.

Throughout their set they spread out the set-list across all three albums nicely, with a few covers in there as well. One notable cover was Chest Fever by 'The Band' (I only knew that by looking it up), but after hearing both versions they did it real justice. A special mention should go to Ryan Monroe, their keyboard-guitarist and backup vocalist. He wrote and performed Older from their new album, Infinite Arms, and they played it at the gig. Boy that guy can play piano!

It was their last club show on their tour down under, and you could tell they appreciated having a packed Enmore Theatre to be the venue for it. Band Of Horses are one of those bands that are so easy to listen to, and their albums get richer with each spin. And after waiting 4 years to see them live, I wasn't let down.

- Russell


  1. Listening them while reading your blog.

    Great opening for sure but the end was also amazing! But when I think about it I would say that the whole gig was really good, eventhough I rather discover than recognize their songs.

  2. That video was heaps cool!

    Glad you enjoyed them :) x