Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Hypocrisy of a Full-Time Procrastinator

There are people out there that I call full-time procrastinators, and I used to be one of them. And the procrastination I refer to is the type involving one's career trajectory. I used to procrastinate to some extent, mainly because of fear. But if someone asked me at the time why I procrastinate, I would tell them with a look of self-disapproval that it was because of laziness. And I believed myself, because, really, what reason is it other than laziness that you're not doing something that requires work.

And as you guys know, I recently got a band together and have been getting so much done that it's close to overwhelming to think about. But this wasn't just a case of getting off my ass, it was a deep rooted feeling of, "is this going to be worth it if i put the effort in."
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is clearly fear. You see, the reason it wasn't a feeling that I could easily grasp was because even the thought of myself failing at music was scary. The easiest and hardest person to avoid is yourself.

Whether not being able to actually form of a band of people, or the later music industry success not panning out, herein lies the biggest fear: if I didn't pursue it head on, I didn't have to face myself as the one responsible for the failure.

We seem to live in a world where it is rare for someone to be held accountable and not have a problem with it. What if you try something and you end up having a great time, well you would sure hold yourself accountable then!! I believe if you're willing to take responsibility for the good, you should also hold responsibility for the bad.

Now for the hypocrisy. A man will put up with working a job he dislikes because he is earning money. But the idea of working on a career where the benefits are tenfold and of an inner spiritual nature seems not worth it. Something seems off.

- Lee (while humming one of his own songs)


  1. Fear is it! We get so comfortable in our current situations, however good or bad they may be and we're scared to change. It's normal to be drawn toward the familiar, but rewarding to stray from the beaten path... e.g. Roy Story - Perfect example.

    I appreciate this article, it forced me to reflect on myself... it almost makes me feel uncomfortable because it like its so directed. Thanks man.

  2. I just read this again and it rings even truer than the first time.

    The fear seems to be not only that you may fail, but also that to try you means you have to give up something to make time for it. Obviously, like you say, what better way to spend time than on what you love. But you might have to give up time spent at work, ie Money, which is security. We get too safe and secure in our lives that we fear to try something different, even if it is what we love.

    And yes Im as guilty as the next person so keep posting great artys like this to remind me

  3. Yeh well it's here to remind me too! And guys, you're so right, it is a great article. I want another luke article...

  4. I don't recall saying it is a great article

  5. You probably don't recall the time cathy sucked my dick, but it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  6. How about another post? Pull a finger out BOTM and stop procrastinating. Your fan demands more! Either that or I'll post!

  7. I just re-read your msg from last night, "...don't disappoint your fan". Hah, fan...

  8. That last paragraph is awesome