Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sad Song

A verse written August 9, 2007. The last one I ever wrote. Inspired by 'Hey Jude' by los beatles. Posted cos I am too lazy to write an article.

He had overheard that there was hope in words
His sad song will last long in broken verse
So he wrote his verb just to show his worth
The sad song had passed on, or is focus blurred
He hears sober slurs. Have the holes recurred?
The sad song is back on. The notes are worse
As they revolt and curse. He holds his nerve
The sad song has passed on, or is focus blurred
No emotions hurt because they won't occur
The sad song has latched on, he slows in turn
but his potions worked, he awoke, he stirred
The sad song has passed on, or is focus blurred
No! he knows his worth, it's in his spoken word
The sad song will pass on when the poet's heard

- Eden (after re-reading this)

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  1. You didn't have anything better to do on your 21st birthday?

    But I like it.