Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do What Feels Right

This is just a quick one to compensate for the length of my recent posts. Lee and I were talking last week and somehow we got to one of my simple mottos that I used overseas. It was mainly to help with decision making, I would just say to myself to ‘Do what feels Right.’ Not to be confused with another motto I used: ‘Do whatever is cheapest.’

The first time it happened (I was like ‘huh?’) I needed to make an important decision when a sage-like entity from one of my infinite past lives appeared before me in a blinding flash of pulsating colour and say “Look into your heart, Eden. You will find the answer. It will guide you on your path.” Then the mushrooms wore off and it didn’t feel so right anymore…

OK, that’s not entirely true. Sadly I wasn’t graced with the divine mentorship of my past life or a bag of mushrooms, but I genuinely did just rely on my heart and my gut, no matter how big or small the occasion. It wasn’t some experiment in spirituality or positivity (although I’m not discounting the chance that they had an impact), it was just natural feelings and instinct.

It also shouldn’t be confused with selfish notions. I couldn’t just rape someone and say ‘oh my dick thought it felt right…’ because to me (and I hope the majority of the world) to hurt someone else never feels right. This could get to an argument over perception of right and wrong, but I think deep down people can feel a universal truth of compassion (I had to get a little spiritual).

However, it didn’t always result in the most positive outcome, but this is where I learnt the best lesson. I saw a way to escape from regrets. If I made a choice that I felt was right in my heart or soul or whatever, how could I look back and blame myself for making a mistake when my intentions were good. I realised the world isn’t perfect, but if I always do what feels right then I will never have regrets.

It's not just decision making either. Do what feels right for art and creativity, at work or home, relationships, charity, cooking, exercise, reading, drugs (anyone got some shrooms?), love and everything else.



  1. So many times I've felt that I should have done something and didn't (i.e. - didn't follow my instincts), and what I 'should have done' turned out to be right thing to do in hindsight. On the flip side, when I've followed my gut feeling on decisions its generally turned out to be the best thing to do.

    Far more often than not doing what feels right is the best thing, I don't believe there is some mystical force guiding us toward the correct path and our instincts are the 'voices' of that power. But I believe that following it will make you happier with your decisions on the whole... because fuck man - it's what you want to do!

    Another great post Eden.

  2. Love that picture of your dog by the way, no surprises as to where she might have learned a trick like that...

  3. I've been thinking about this article today, it's so important for me to go on instinct sometimes. Is what I wanna do gonna hurt anybody? No? Then I'm doing it.

  4. Yes, I agree. I have long thought that. "Do what you FEEL is right" and not "Do what you feel like". I said this to my Mother one time and she misunderstood me and thought I meant the latter rather than the former. People often misinterpret what I say.

    // Benjamin Naylor.