Saturday, January 22, 2011


Since my big news and new job I have been striving to make the most of any free time that I get. Right now I am using my half hour before working til 3:30 at night to churn out a blog instead of taking some much craved sleep. One of my tricks to keep myself producing the goods on a higher scale has been spending every train ride with a pen and paper and trying to force myself into writing out at least five ideas. Most of them land in the scrap heap but every now and then I get something that becomes blog worthy.

But lately I have just found it too hard to think up anything good and I realized that it was because I have too many half baked ideas that need to be left in the oven a bit longer before the next batch can be made. It’s like I bought a recipe book for some light reading but with no intention to cook. Or like I ordered the lobster just because I thought it looked nice but never planned to eat it.

Anyways what I thought I would do is have a blog detox; that is flush out all the ideas that are loitering around the entrance of my brain and scaring off potential customers. So my plan, which is quite ambitious and maybe a little foolish, is to write seven blogs in seven days and when I come out the other end I will be set for a whole new wave of inspiration. I will try to make them all classic BOTM blogs, in that I will steer away from the creative writing (though I may count one or two Walter Wallace posts if I get lazy) and hopefully this proves entertaining. You never know, maybe I will get obsessed and just keep going…forever!


So to begin I will perform a sort of ad lib rant to attach to the foot of this blog. Kind of related in the sense that I want to make a living doing something I love (writing,music) instead of working at a bank. Recently I have been listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast constantly. He interviews comedians and one after the other they tell the same story: “When I was just getting started, 22-23 years old, I was going down to the Comedy Store every night, then I would go to the Improv then the laugh garage then some guys basement and then a laundromat and I would do about 5 sets a night almost every night of the week.”

5 performances a night? What kind of schedule is that? I realized that if you want to be good enough to do a job that basically lets you be your own boss and work in a field where a lot of people would love to work you can’t just rely on having more talent than everyone else, you need to work harder than everyone else. You need to slave over it. This is why I started this little seven series; why I try write 5 ideas a day; why I started the baby blog; why I write movie articles for Dean’s webby even though I’m lucky to see one movie a week. I need to make this my job, or I should say my third job (or second…the RSL can be my third) and I just hope that whoever reads whichever article will be entertained. Maybe one day it will all pay off.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow I will post about religion I think…or maybe about my idiot brain.

- Eden

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  1. 6 out of 7...not bad.

    Kind of is 7 out of 7 if you count the Walter blog...excuse is that Giovanna's wireless didn;t work and I had to go to internet cafe's to post blogs. Good excuse? not really. I should have done seven