Friday, July 23, 2010

Yogo Gorilla!

I was walking through Franklin’s (a relic of the 80s/90s) at Westleigh (also a relic of the 80s/90s) and saw some Yogo. The 90’s was the heyday of Yogo, it had the best commercials and I loved the taste of that chocolatey custardy shit. So Brooke and I bought a two pack and ate it when we got home. It was delicious. Probably not as good as I had remembered, but still... delicious.

I wouldn’t have known about Yogo, or had those fond memories had it not been for a certain Gorilla and his sidekick Snake. The stop motion Yogo ads of the 90’s were really good and in my mind rose above the usual shitty kids commercials (as memorable as some of the jingles may be).

Here is the first:

I don’t remember that one either. Regardless, here the Gorilla and the snake appear for the first time. It’s quite a crude representation of what they would eventually become...

“Barry... BARRY!!... I’ll get back to you Barry...” Haha!

That is the full-length 90 second version of the commercial that we saw most often cut to 30 seconds. Looking at the debut and then at the feature length shows a huge change. It’s like ‘Please Please Me’ vs ‘Abbey Road’. You can appreciate both, but the production values of the later are undeniably superior. The ad also features drumming by the guy from ‘Regurgitator’ and ‘The Hard-Ons’ (kinda famous) and a bunch of references to films.

I don’t like most children's advertising, but when it’s this creative – how can I not? I’ve only posted two ads here because that's all I could find (I know there were more). But with this series the ongoing use of the Gorilla and Snake was great and the fact that they were stop motion meant a good deal of effort had to be invested. All Hail Yogo Gorilla!

- Dogman


  1. Ah a bit of nostalgia! How epic was the latter one?! The one I remember most involved a red carpet event of some sort and it had the barry guy in it also. I loved yogo! Especially the one with the corner of choc chips that you fold into it. I also used to love the milky bar dairy snack thing too. Yogo seemed to disappear along with dunk-a-roos and le snacks!

  2. I don't remember that first ad at all except for the bird chirp at the start. Weird. And how epic was the second one. Helly, baby? Don't use my words, darling.

  3. I showed my mum this article, and she said "Is Hamish this funny in real life?!". She found the '(a relic of the 80s/90s)' to be quite hilarious indeed.

  4. She's at my place tonight but you can have sloppy seconds