Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Goes On

The discipline of a solid routine can help bring strength and stability to our lives. Whether it is exercise, hobbies, passions, arts and creative ventures; even our careers, they all help us maintain focus in life and continue to grow in happiness.

However one of the hardest things to do is deal with the infinite pressures of continuity. So many times a routine falters and fails to recover. The moment we slow down, apply the brakes for much needed breaks it is near impossible to speed back up and reach the speeds of the initial momentum. A few times I have meditated consistently and felt the benefits but I have eventually caved in and finished up not meditating at all. Likewise for yoga and running and push ups and practicing music and so many other things. I simply bypass them for a chance to sleep in and play some Xbox.

What I find most interesting is the same process I go through each time, and I am experiencing it right now. I will start with a firm belief in maintaining my practice, unthinkable to ever miss a day or a session. But then one day circumstances mean that I find just enough excuses not to stick to my guns. Suddenly the unthinkable is happening; three times a week becomes two; two hours a day becomes one; the new standard of unthinkability is founded on the rubble of broken standards. It is then inherently geared in my mind that I will continue to slip.

So as I come fresh off of one year of blogs I had the greatest urge to skip a post for the first time this week. I am travelling and just completed a whole year of blogging. What is one little missed blog? But as I think of what happens with thoughts like this and the awesome benefits I derive from blogging I feel it necessary to look past the temptations, the landmarks and the excuses and churn out another blog. Hope you liked it.

- Eden (while gaying it up in San Fran)


  1. Hamish is right, quality over quantity mate :)

    I like this line: "the new standard of unthinkability is founded on the rubble of broken standards" - poetic.

  2. He's taking a dig at me. Holidaying, blogging, writing lines like that all at the same time. This cunts smugness is off the charts. He's in San Fran... convenient, the home of smugness if South Park is to be believed.