Friday, November 27, 2009

The Default Sense and How To Go Further

We were talking the other night about dimensions. As we were talking, my mind drifted off (I have no idea why) and I came up with a theory. Well, 'came up with' isn't correct because it's surely been thought countless times before, but anyway, it requires a little audience participation so here it is:

Think of a moment that happened yesterday. Let yourself go back to that moment for ten seconds........

That wasn't ten!! Start again!

Okay, now that you're actually playing along, I have a question. In those ten seconds, did you see the images of yesterday's moment? The answer in almost every case is yes. Did you hear the sounds of the moment? The answer in almost every case is no. Of course, it takes some mental power to remember anything, and we must go one step at a time, so ten seconds will only allow the minds eye to interact with the memory. But the minds ear would most likely come next if we were to spend a minute with yesterday's moment.

But could it go further?


We can, with patience, immerse ourselves in any memory and sense by sense, layer upon layer, I think we can live that moment again. And the beauty is that it's not going to be exactly the same, there will be parts that are NEW!

All of this is part of the imagination. Children live in the moment, but not just the moment presented to them. The greatest minds choose which moment to live in. I think we can all do the same.

Before anything happens, it has to be thought.

Infinity means that whatever we could ever think up will happen, has happened and is happening right now. Therefore we are much more free than we realize, to live in any dimension we choose.

- Lee


  1. Yeah this is a cool little practice. Maybe if we focussed on this we could vastly improve our capacity to remember. And also to create because we can't remember everything so like you wrote some parts will be new (athough you wrote new in capitals and with a gay exlamation mark...fag)

  2. Nice test.
    Lee, how about you try and remember what we accomplished on Wednesday.

    Anything coming to you?

  3. This would not work for a blind person. But it's perfectly true for normal people. Funny how vision is the first thing we think of, but something like smell is perhaps stronger. When I went back to singapore airport after 15years, the smell of the place was so... memorable. The memory of that smell though was just not in the forefront of my conscientiousness until I smelt it again.