Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seeing Colours

Last night I was in a light meditation, and at one point I thought instead of letting images come into my head. I’ll choose the images. So I pictured a table, but I wanted to be specific so I chose exactly what it looked like and it was there. It came to a point where I wanted to choose a colour, and before I chose which colour I wanted my new table to be, I hesitated. Because I realised that I was about to see a colour that wasn’t there. For some reason, this concept seemed crazier than a table being there. So I tried it and suddenly, hovering to the right of the still colourless table, was a small mass of purple. I was seeing purple just as clear as if a cadbury wrapper was in front of me. I let green join in and now I could see two colours. And if you try right now to imagine colours, its not too easy. You may know what you’re meant to be seeing, but it’s not very easy to actually have it in your minds eye. There was something so beautiful about seeing whatever I wanted to see.

- Lee


  1. I tried this last night before I went to sleep, but the only problem was that I woke up 10 hours later and forgot all about it

  2. dam...wish i could accomplish this. My mind is filled with too much crap to allow it.