Sunday, October 18, 2009

Album of The Week: Embryonic

The Flaming Lips

Embryonic is the twelfth studio album by The Flaming Lips, released on October 13, 2009. It is the first double album to be released by the band


Disc one

# Title Length
1. "Convinced of the Hex" 3:56
2. "The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine" 4:14
3. "Evil" 5:38
4. "Aquarius Sabotage" 2:11
5. "See the Leaves" 4:24
6. "If" 2:05
7. "Gemini Syringes" (featuring Thorsten Wörmann & Karen O) 3:41
8. "Your Bats" 2:35
9. "Powerless" 6:57

Disc two

# Title Length
10. "The Ego's Last Stand" 5:41
11. "I Can Be a Frog" (featuring Karen O) 2:14
12. "Sagittarius Silver Announcement" 2:59
13. "Worm Mountain" (featuring MGMT) 5:21
14. "Scorpio Sword" 2:02
15. "The Impulse" 3:31
16. "Silver Trembling Hands" 3:59
17. "Virgo Self-Esteem Broadcast" (featuring Thorsten Wörmann) 3:44
18. "Watching the Planets" (featuring Karen O) 5:17

Why We Chose This Album:

Because it is The Flaming Lips!

- Beatles on the Moon

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  1. I have heard this album twice and have already plenty of thoughts about it but before all that, what is going on in that cover?

  2. this album is AWESOME! it's making me feel like i'm 17 discovering music again or something. I've got so many of the songs in my head lately. See The Leaves in particular. And Evil. And If. And Watching The Planets. And Your Bats. And The Sparrow Looks Up at the Machine. That one is really powerful to me. The screams on that one makes me feel like i'm being torn apart.

  3. I'm also having a great time with the albums messages. Like domination and submission, and how we and the world around us take turns dominating or submitting to each other. We have no control over the sun or the moon, but we have some power and control in our lives. For example, we control what school we want to go to, but we don't know whether the school is going to take us. And we must submit to that because there is no getting around it.

    But the two things we truly have power over is love and evil. We control them so much that they don't even exist without us creating them. Everything else in our lives and in the world is there regardless of us and it's all bigger than us and we submit to it all, but the existence of love and evil is up to us. We have that power. As a person, it's important because my consciousness IS my world and everything i do must come from love.

  4. That's an awesome experience man, love and evil, power, what amazing themes.

    Watching the Planets was in my head all day today.

  5. Thats a cool description Lee. The first time I heard it high I got some concept of infinity spinning round my head, like the infinitely big eventually becomes the infinitely small, like a circle, but it can't actually start anywhere or stop. But the circle is 3 dimensions so it is a sphere. And that the fourth dimension of time is measured not in hours but in the three dimensions of space. Like it isnt the year 2000, it is x lightyears cubed or something. That's what time it is. But then space-time must be the measurement of something else. The concious? But surely the concious is what allows space time to exist, because it is aware of it. So is the concious creating space time to measure itself? Where did this circle start? What created the concious? This infinite loop doesn't have the answer...

    And speaking of conciousness, is it just mine or everybody's? countless numbers of them overlapping in some agreed upon reality. But why would so many consciousnesses (plural of conscious?) gather on one tiny planet in their own perceived/conceived little universe. Surely others are out there but they are gathered together as well. Are they drawn together by love or by fear or greed? Or is it a collective concious finding out there aint no answer to find.

    And as I try remember all this not even now, I mean when I am still listening to the album (and trust me it made perfect sense the first time) I get cut off by the jarring sounds of Drozd's guitar and all I can remember is Wayne telling me I'll never understand.

    In the end I get some overwhelming message of nothing is real (which is a contradiction in itself), but also an empowerment of choice. Choice of what to do, and how to interpret what I see.

    And I guess, even though evil is more powerful and I could easily choose that, I Choose Love...that's kinda what I got on that listen.

  6. On my second listen... still gathering my thoughts. One of the strangest sounding things I've heard.

    The first listen was basically my brain hearing a new language for the first time, the second listen (of which i'm half way), is deciphering the different sounds that make it up.

    I'll get back to you cats after about 5 more listens... it's intense.

  7. Check this out:

  8. yeah Lee showed me that a few days ago. That would be a cover album that I am definitely interested in

  9. Just got back from a midnight run listening to this. Another beautiful listen, this time short of breath while pushing through the pain of hill climbs and then catching my breath in a light meditation under the moon, stars and clouds