Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thoughts on Evolution: Intelligence in its infancy

“The world goin' one way, people another” – Poot from The Wire

This will be another blog inspired by the onslaught of light and thought and inspiration that Embryonic is raining down upon me. There seems to be a theme in there where they compare us to animals. They have jungle sounds with monkeys and birds and everything. There is a song entitled ‘I Can Be A Frog’ that encourages the imagination of a kid to be expressed more openly and freely. There are also ideas of a competition and evil that exists in nature.

But the big thing that I take from it is in terms of how we exist. We are further up the chain of evolution based on our apparent superior intelligence. But for all this intelligence we seem to have completely lost an art form that animals possess so naturally. That is the ability to live in the moment. When my cat cleans herself, she is just cleaning herself. That’s what she is doing. When I clean myself, my mind is usually lost in some unimportant thought of the past or the future. It seems wrong that we are losing the real connections between the world and ourselves - by chasing desires, hiding from fears or indulging in ignorance - without first learning all the world has to offer. As Hamish said, it is much more powerful and magnificent than human existence or intelligence.

However, I still think that intelligence and critical thought is the right path. But to think our level of intelligence is anything compared to what intelligence can truly be is foolish. Humans are merely in the early stages of the growth. So early in fact that we can’t deal with the gift of intelligence without losing the knowledge of simplicity. We overcomplicate and over cluster through confused and unnecessary worlds and beliefs so much that we ignore the realities in front of us. Even writing this blog I have almost lost my initial point as my mind is searching for its origins and hypothesising its implications and wondering what I should have for lunch.

So intelligence has a long way to evolve. From what we can prove, we appear to be the frontline of that evolution in this part of the universe, but we are far from the pinnacle (especially if infinity is real and not bound to the physical world (assuming the physical world is separate from the mental world or is it a concoction of it? or-) sorry back to my conclusion). If we are the step up from animals, perhaps the next step would be to look back at what we seem to have forgotten in our short journey thus far. We are always caught up in a moment, but it is rarely this one right now.

- Eden (while listening to You In Reverse – Built To Spill)

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  1. my sentiments exactly! great post.

  2. If the monkees are so fkn smart how cum they aint wrtin song or boks? Dickhed?

  3. I've always marvelled at the accomplishment of man. Civilization being the main one. But then look at the accomplishment of animals, they also have civilization, very similar to ours. The only difference is intelligence and physicality.

    Animals may master living the moment, but how do we know for sure? They too could be distracted by the hunger in their belly.

  4. I thought about that and it is true. I figure, just by watching the way my pets indulge in luxury when it is available, that if they were smart enough they too would follow our footsteps. i.e. live in some society that caters to every need and after that creates needs and caters to them as well. To me it seems like some kind of natural progression that we lose a level of connectivity to the world

  5. Duuuuuuuude, pass the bong this shit is trippin me out!