Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank You

As I was falling asleep the other night, I was struck with a sudden feeling of gratitude for the simple things in my life. Perhaps I take these things for granted sometimes. Please add to this list if you want to, as I'm sure there are more wonderful and simple things to be thankful for. So without further ado;

Thank you to whoever in ancient Rome invented the sliding door.

Thank you to that dude in Egypt thousands of years ago that decided he wanted a nicer sleep and invented the pillow.

Thank you to Robert Adler for inventing the TV remote control. I love that thing heaps.

Thanks to the person that thought to make a little baby drawer and put it next to their bed. I love my bed-side table.

Thank you William Thomson, for making what we now know as Christmas/fairy lights. They are coming in handy at the moment bro.



  1. Thank you Morris Yock of NZ or maybe some English dude called John Cowie for inventing thongs (footwear)

  2. Thank you Victor Trumper and Dally Messenger for helping to form the NSW Rugby League comp in 1907.

  3. thongs! YES!!

    Thank you to Italian company Sacco-Zanotta for inventing the bean bag.

  4. Thank you to Charles Champion for inventing the toasted sandwhich maker.

  5. Thank you William McArthur for inventing the splayd. For when a spoon is too much, but a fork isn't enough!

  6. lol Helly is gonna list about 1000 cooking devices and gadgets.

    Thanks to the US Army for inventing the Internet

    Thanks to Mitch Hurwitz for inventing Arrested Development

    Thanks to Norman W Kingsley, J.N. Farrar and Edward Angle for inventing braces. Painful but worth it

  7. Helly, you didn't mention the slightly sharpened edge of the splayd... it's also a knife! Sporks are fuckin ghey.

    Thanks to Christopher Poole (aka moot) founder of 4chan for lavishing us with memes.

    Thanks to JK Rowling for Harry Potter.

    Thanks to Lees maternal grandparents.

  8. Thanks to Arthur Kneibler of Coopers Inc., who in Chicago circa 1935 invented the Brief.

  9. Thanks to Namco for inventing Tekken Tag Tournament

  10. thanks to the earth for letting weed grow.