Thursday, September 16, 2010

Punishing Purchasers

I hate that shit, doesn't even make any sense...

Why is it that a medium like DVD contains these threats and warnings (never mind that they're near universally unskippable*) and a medium like free-to-air TV does not? The consumers who legitimately purchase DVDs are paying for the privileged to be threatened, it seems. We shouldn't be paying to be told not to steal, the industry should pay to tell us.

If I illegally download a movie, I get to do whatever I want with the file, keep it forever and there are no silly warnings or threats. Such is the nature of illegal downloads. Legitimately download a movie and it's loaded with DRM code (digital rights management), DRM code is what makes buying a digital file so unattractive. Buy the DVD and you have to wait a few minutes before you can watch it every time you chuck it in the DVD player. There are so many ways the industry could make legit downloading attractive. Unfortunately they don’t appear to be doing it yet - even if they did we couldn't utilise it in Australia without the NBN (Ah anyway, that topic goes so deep I won’t even begin). I’m just pissed of about this shit on DVDs I fucking buy. Just imagine you walk into a shop one day to buy a loaf of bread, your handing the money over and the cashier say "hey, remember not to steal from this store - we'll take you to court and take all your money if we catch you". I'd tell them to go fuck themselves.

- Dogman

*I notice that you can fast forward through it, but then after it there is this stark white government/industry warning that really cannot be skipped.


  1. Yeah fuck the man, man!

    I've noticed on some DVDs now that they have like 3 chapters of warnings that you need to skip through, just annoying when I wanna get to the content I've purchased.

    I was reading an article in mx the other day about the stats in Australia concerning illegal downloads. Something like 80% of people surveyed (probably way off, but a high number nonetheless) said that they knew that downloading movies, music etc was illegal; but only 5% (again, some low number) thought it was immoral.

    I love downloading tv shows and albums, all from the comfort of my bed.

  2. The industry should just embrace the internet already. If you can't beat em, join em.

  3. I've read stories about gamers who buy legitimate PC Games and are plagued by online tests to prove that they are legitimate copies and are forced to actually download illegal copies and cracks to even get their game going.

    I don't see how punishing the honest people with red tape will stop the dishonest

  4. Not defending Aus Gov' but I can tell that's everywhere /or most of countries in Europe too. It's a whole industry everywhere..

  5. i loved this article dude. I could feel the passion, being one of the haters myself.

    edens comment amazed me. but doesnt surprise me.

    el out.

  6. Man. I feel your hatred. It's one of the most ridiculous things out. It's almost as bad as reality tv!