Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sunday Slaughter: The Master vs The Heel

Official Rankings before Event

This sunday is a momentous occasion. The first ever Tekken Takedown will occur and history will be made. The event, titled Sunday Slaughter: The Master vs The Heel takes place this sunday, 12th of September. On the undercard is the exciting matchup of The Magician vs The Natural in the battle for 3rd place and a shot at 2nd place later in the night. And in the main event, The Heel will challenge The Master for the Tekken championship.

Dean has been showing some great raw ability lately, beating both Lee and Eden in a non-title match earlier this week. If he can show this type of spirit against The Magician, we may just see our first rankings development. On the other side of the pond, Luke fought The Drifter to a draw tonight in a fantastic match, a classic back and forth battle that could have benefited from a larger audience much like we will see at the inaugural Tekken Takedown. As we all know, The Magician can always pull a rabbit out of his hat in the most unlikely of moments, but The Natural is severely on his game at the moment, so Sunday's match-up is a pure gamble if you ask this punter. 

The main event of the show is the battle of the big men, The Master vs The Heel. As said before, Eden lost to Dean less than a week ago. Whether this is a crystal ball into what he brings into Sunday Slaughter is still to be seen, but it definitely makes The Master's performance an intriguing prospect. On the other hand, The Heel is perhaps stronger than he's ever been, and is coming into this title match with more steam than The Master. You see, it doesn't matter whenever Russell loses a round, because he almost always leaves the night with his hands in the air and his heelish attitude all up in your grill. The Heel is coming into this fight with purpose and, dare I say, a slight advantage. These two combatants always bring their all into a fight and have had many classic battles over the last few years, but nothing has come close to this. When all is said and done, one of these warriors is walking out the champion, not just of the match, but of Tekken. Will The Master crumble and lose two straight rounds, or will The Heel not find it in himself to compete at the level he is renowned for on the day when it matters most? Will we have a classic three-rounder worthy of the auspicious occasion? All will be answered at Sunday Slaughter.

The Drifter cuts a promo on The Heel
The Rookie cuts a promo on The Master
Jay-Z on Sunday Slaughter

Who will win Sunday Slaughter?


  1. Those videos are pure Gold! Have fun on Sunday night ;)

  2. We all know what The Heel will do.
    "Round 1: Fight" - Straight for the leg combo. Mid fight? Grapple attempt. But the fact is The Master is the best grappler in the game. Why? Because grapples can't be blocked. But who needs to block when you can dodge? (Low kick combo!) And who can dodge? The Master. Who can't dodge? Everyone else. But in the spirit of Tekken Tag and what it means to the community The Master doesn't go out grappling (Ooh another low kick combo!) every match. The Master plays with the precision and timing of The Natural, with the patience of the Drifter, with the free spirit of The Magician and with no qualities unique to (another low kick com- Dodged! Blocked! Countered!)The Heel.

    This Sunday at Slaughterhouse...The Master will reign supreme.

  3. Also The Master thinks this is the greatest thing he's ever seen

  4. tisk tisk tisk, my measly dimwitted friends. Everyone throughout the land knows that The Heel reigns supreme. For when I step into battle, there is no holding back, no limitations, and certainly no rules. No grappling? pff. No low kicks? pff again. The game was designed as such, and if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen - or in this case my rightful throne. This Sunday at Slaughterhouse, you better watch your back The Master, cuz there's a new King on the block - goes by the name of The Heel.

    I plan on doing not one, but multiple Rocky-themed victory dances on Sunday. Watch your backs fags.

  5. El Magician Loco is gonna destroy that dog The Natural.
    Obviously The Heel will be the new number 1.

  6. I just lost 3 games to nothing against The Drifter... I guess that's why they call him The Drifter.

  7. yeah boi!

    Here is the official card for Sunday Slaughter:

    The Masher vs The Rookie

    The Kid vs The Drifter

    The Natural vs The Magician

    The Master vs The Heel