Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Song Review: Break On Through (To The Other Side)

I often look to music as an inspiration for how I live my life. Many bands, albums, songs and lyrics have helped me get through tough times, inspired me to do something or guided me in my growth as a person.

Recently I have found myself quoting the title of this Doors song as it rings true to so many aspects of life. Whenever we set out for a goal in life, there is a certain level we wish to attain, a point in the possible future that is so desirable. However, to get there the work needed is often daunting and challenging, and often much too intimidating.

I remember the first few weeks and months that I started learning bass. I was exceedingly shit. It hurt my hands to stretch so far, my fingertips suffered through calluses and my mind was constantly at odds with itself balancing the perfect mix of desire and composure to improve my skills. The frustration of learning theoretically where my fingers need to go and then trying to get them to do it; then getting them to do it faster; then getting them to maintain consistent sound levels. All this while resisting the urge smash my bass to pieces.

To achieve my goal though I needed to just break on through to the other side. This lyric is so vivid in describing what it takes. Jim Morrison lets us know it will be tough, that what it takes. The lyric isn’t

Buy a ticket at the booth,
hop onto the train,
Take a nap,
Read the news,
Get off at The Other Side Station!
Get off at The Other Side Station!

It’s not that easy. You can’t just ask a barrier to move politely; you gotta break it. You can’t go around the obstacle; you gotta go through it. And 'The Other Side' sounds almost anonymous, an unkown qulaity and yet it appears more intriguing to name it such.

I feel the song deserves more than just a celebration of its title lyric as well. The verses can easily hold their own.

You know the day destroys the night,
night divides the day,
Tried to run,
Tried to hide
Break on Through to the Other Side!
Break on Through to the Other Side!

Vivid imagery that seems simple and complex at the same time. The lyric is sung which such force and passion, and the riff is so driving that the listener is given a belief in their own ability, a desire to break on through.

Whenever you feel like a task is becoming too much for you I recommend giving this song a listen allowing Morrison’s reckless passion to empower you.

- Eden (while listening to The Doors by The Doors)


  1. wow, i love this song. I've found myself in the past saying this line and being amazed at how appropriate it is in so many situations.

  2. Cool article Eden! That sentiment can definitely be applied to my own life in terms of my career (and can probably relate to everybody's life in someway or other.) I often think of a motto Lee's dad says which is 'Hard now, easy later'.
    It's also interesting that when something happens to propel one's career it's called a 'big break'. There is a certain amount of effort or work involved in order to 'break' something, it doesn't just happen to fall into your lap.

  3. I don't really have anything to say, I just wanted to make a comment on my birthday ;)

  4. All I got is, Epic fail! How about you write properly next time, epic failer!

    "All this while resisting the urge smash my bass to pieces."


    or if you dont like that one, don't worry, there is more;

    "Jim Morrison lets us know it will be tough, that what it takes.''


  5. best song evvaaaaa!

    I love how if you had never heard the doors, and hit play on their first album this is the song that slaps you in the face. That album in fact is amazing as well, jim morrison ftw.

  6. I definitely see how this song can relate to anything.