Friday, November 5, 2010

Epilogue: Jonny

From the Wakefield Flats series...starts here

To Kevin,

Hey lil bro, whats been happening?

Ive been pretty busy here. They moved me to kitchen duties which has been awesome. I’m really loving the cooking and it has given me some ideas on what to do when I get out of this place – you know apart from banging teens and beating on their boyfriends. Haha just joking (I’ll wait til I’m off parole before I do that). Sansky tells me that – Oh wait I ruined the surprise – but yeah Sansky tells me I should follow my heart and if my heart wants to cook I should cook.

So yeah I guess you guessed by now but guess who my new cellmate is. That’s right. Sansky. You probably knew that cos he banged one of the little girls in your school right? That’s why they got him here with me. They must just throw the young pussy predators together so we can trade stories about- yeah I’m sure you heard enough and are more interested in getting some fresh conch of your own. Its funny though I went to school with this little fucker. We called him Weasel, used to always wease from his astma (plus he looked like a weasel. Weasel Sansky…voted least likely to end up in jail but most likely to be a prison bitch if he did. Well both those turned out to be wrong. His here and is no bitch. His been working out big time, under my guidance of course and he talks his way outta any fight. But if he gotta fight he does it well. Got plenty respect. More than I had on my first visit. All he talks about is the broad he got waiting on the outside. Brainy bitch who promised to wait for him. I told him they never wait but he rekons shes different.

Fuck I sound like I wanna fuck this guy. So whats going on with me? Not much really…prison as usual. I already mentioned I like cooking… I really hope you get a chance to write or visit me. I’m sure there is plenty more interesting shit happening in your corner so hit me back.



Dear Kevin,

Hey bro. I know, mum told me that you said you don’t want me to write, but it’s been 2 years and I feel lonely man. Sansky gets visits from so many people and all I get is a cold letter from mum. Even if you don’t write back I’m happy just knowing you read these…

Well I wrote to Cindy under Sansky’s advice. He told me I should try make amends with my past and move on. Apparently she doesn’t wanna be a slut anymore. Got turned off dick I guess and plans to become a nun and travel the world, preaching the word of God. She can do what she likes…at least she forgives me. Maybe her first mission can be counselling that little kid I kicked the shit out of. Apparently his been visiting Sansky with some preppy fag and they got a thing for each other. Maybe Cindy passed on her dick lust to him.

Hope you’re well

Cya Bro
Love Jonny


Dear Kevin,

So mum says you finished school! That’s great news. You know I’ve been inspired by you and Sansky has been teaching me. I’m taking my High School Certificate again in here and it could even count to me becoming a chef! It’s going to be sad when Sansky gets out in a few months.

I got a visit from Darren Edgars. Do you remember him? He agreed to do it after Sansky spoke to him. He gave me some of his poetry. It’s all a bit confusing to me but I’m going to try use it for one of my essays. He even got it published along with the help of his gay buddy.

I’ll keep it short. Just want you to know that I love you and I am looking forward to my second (or fourth) chance in a few years.

Love from Jonny


Dear Jonny,

I’m sorry I haven’t stayed in touch with you. I have found it hard to deal with the negative influence you had on me but I feel like my own person now. I am studying psychology at uni and am in a steady relationship with a girl I met in class – Janice Taylor.

It is great to see the changes you are making. I went to a big party the other night. Wilfred Petterson’s 21st (the gay friend of Darren). It was a massive party because Wilfred just landed his first acting job in some new movie – I can’t remember which one.

I saw Darren there who is a popular literary type now and he was with Cindy. Apparently you were a little prophetic. She was about to become a nun when Darren asked her for advice about his homosexuality. Him and her ended up having wild sex and he told me the best part was not being punched in the face afterwards. He was happy to hear how you had changed and about your new schooling efforts.

I heard that Sansky had been released from prison. Molly was waiting for him at the gates. The two make a nice couple; both scientists. But you probably know all this by now. She said they were going to visit you to help with your studies. Speaking of visits, I think I might follow suit and tell you more about everything in person.

See you soon.


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