Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online Petition: Bring Back Lee's Comedy College!!

Many months ago in a land not so different from ours, a young boy named Dr Lee Robert Sullivan Ph.D decided to share his wonderful wealth of comedic knowledge with his fellow moon dwellers. It was a wonderful idea, a comedic cousin to Album of the Week, Lee's Comedy College came out with a bang. Doug Stanhope's Something To Take The Edge Off is one of the best comedy albums I have heard. Such a passionate speaker with a unique old school view on life, this album has received considerable listening time in my music heavy iPod, and Lee says it isn't even Doug's best! Sure, the comments section didn't get the classroom discussion that the professor would have liked, but this freshman selection suggested that people like me were finally going to get a simple, easy to use and frequently updated page of comedy gold.

But alas, tragedy struck. In only his second lesson Dr Lee took a risk and gave his pupils Dana Gould's Let Me Put My Thoughts In You. More like homework than a fun filled listening extravaganza, this album became 30mins+ of half chuckles and unclimaxed joke set ups. On reflection it seemed as though his style didn't click with me or perhaps (and this has happened on a Patton Oswalt album I have) I was bothered that the audience laughed at everything with undeserved vigour. Comedy albums work better in front of small audiences.

Anyways, after the ill received sophomore effort, the professor abandoned the school and left us comedy tragics who are too lazy to find albums ourselves (me) in the scrapheap of Lee's Comedy College Dropouts. Well I'm here to request, nay, demand that Lee, self proclaimed funniest man in the world, returns to his illustrious career as an acomedemic. I hope to get 10 signatures and then send them to Lee in his secret hideaway in the windy hills of Ireland. In respect to what Lee's Comedy College was founded on I will post a Comedy album of the Week in his honour with an album Lee has repeatedly told me to get:

David Cross - Bigger and Blackerer
  1. Opening Song (The Sultan's Revenge)
  2. If You Care
  3. That One Show About Drugs and Stuff
  4. Me and Drugs
  5. Black Stuff
  6. ...Or Worse
  7. Where We Are Now Back in Sept. '09
  8. Silly Religious Crazies
  9. REALLY Silly Religious Crazies. I Mean, Double, Triple Crazy!!
  10. Random Goofabouts
  11. I Can't Get Beer in Me...
  12. Lesson Learned
So let's all get the album, give it a listen and write some comments discussing it underneath along with your signatures and hopefully we can get the College back and running and serving the comoonity again.

- Eden

And while we're at it I think we should get Hamish's Cock College back again


  1. haha. that was awesome, my thoughts completely.

    ill dl it soon.


    Loco Autographo

  2. Just listened to it, really funny! Cross has developed an awesome character