Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walter Wallace - Chapter 61

Tori Thompson was checking back regularly on BullCit to see if people were liking her comments. It was a mixed reaction and a few criticisms had made her instantly second guess herself, but that all became irrelevant when the Private Message arrived.

William Unston, from whom the message came, was quite taken by her passion. He had said she was one of the enlightened ones to realise so early of the deception that was taking place. But he also mentioned that one blog on the internet was not a catalyst for change, less so a few lines of comments lost in the rabble. But there were jolts to the greater psyche of men and women that could deliver them from their brainwashing incubation.

They shared some more PMs before William requested a live chat. They then spent two hours talking to each other. William asked her all sorts of questions, taking a great deal of interest in her. She asked him questions too and he shared some intimate details of his life. He spoke so beautifully, like he wrote lyrics in his everyday conversation. He spoke of like minds and moments of movement in life where clarity sets a straight path for you and you can see the finish line before you start – like the 100m dash – and you sprint for the first time in your life. He also mentioned things in a graver context. It scared Tori a little but he assured her that was normal. Fear was a beacon of light in life that revealed the obstacles you wanted to hide from, but you must see the obstacle if you wish to overcome it.

Personal information was shared openly between the two. They did not live far from each other – even attended the same school for a brief while, though in different grades. Bill was coming over to visit. Tori had invited him. Her parents were on vacation for a few days so it was OK. She was nervous, shaking a little when the door bell rang. But her fears washed away when he took her hand and gently kissed it. He looked a little older than she expected, but when he spoke to her his words melted her heart like chocolate. He took her right there. Her first was painful bliss, but he was completely aware of her emotion and she climaxed for what felt like a millennia.

It was in her bed that she promised herself to him and William Unston explained his vision and the role she was destined to play.

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