Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Walter Wallace - Chapter 59

Tori Thompson used to love Walter Wallace. She thought he was so great to dedicate his happiness to the world. Just 20 minutes ago her whole life revolved around the ticket she had to see his show tomorrow night at The Royal in Heartsfield.

But there are some people in the world who are steadfast in their opinion and cannot be broken by rhyme or reason. There are others who find themselves easily swayed by an emotive piece but are fully aware of their malleable mindset and keep it in check; then there are people like Tori Thompson who felt steadfast in her opinion, all the while completely oblivious to the manipulation and hypnosis that moulds her to the will of a third party. She had just finished reading Hippy Flip’s latest blog entitled “The Real Walter Wallace” and felt her usual compulsion to share her steadfastness:

You know everyone is just so in love with Walter Wallace. They think he can just dedicate his loving self to the world and we will all feel as happy as he is. How arrogant! What has Walter Wallace done to deserve all this praise? I heard he is receiving $3m an episode for his show and all he does is sit around while other people and talk. Who is happier? Not me. I’m angrier and it is about time we stood up for our rights!

Tori posted her response with great satisfaction, but her monologuial muscle had been tweaked and her brain swamped with more stinging diatribe:

Citadel Puppet is all Walter has become? Probably all he ever was. Probably a distant cousin of Boss Citadel. What do you think, Flip? You want me to do some research. Who has done the back story on Walter Wallace? What is his past? What are his achievements? Famous for saving a lady from a train accident. Convenient that she was the lady who found him and earned him his multi trillion dollar contract. He probably caused the fucking thing to crash in the first place.

Not content:

Walter Wallace is nothing but a new form of cancer. Where are the real heroes. The doctors who fight cancer. Who is fighting the Walter Wallaces?

Then, after reading Hippy Flip’s article again:

I will fight the good fight against the scourge that is Walter Wallace. I am going to his stupid show tomorrow night just to boo him. See how happy he is after that. Boo Walter Wallace!

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