Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't Worry, Just Laugh

We spend too much of our time each day feeling stressed out or unhappy, I believe that laughter – a key ingredient to a happy day, is very much lacking. I certainly don’t laugh enough, even if it’s on the inside. Here is the first line of the Wikipedia article on laugher:

“Laughter is an audible expression or appearance of happiness, or an inward feeling of joy (laughing on the inside).”

Not only does laughter make you feel happiness and joy (two essential emotions or states of mind), it has physical benefits – lowers your blood pressure, helps strengthen your immune system and releases endorphins.*

Children laugh a lot, much more than adults. Probably why they’re generally happier, something that seems to fade away with the years. But it need not be that way, we can learn to laugh more just like we used to (perhaps not as often) and enjoy the benefits. Essential to this is to stop taking everything so seriously, stop taking work so seriously in particular. Do you really think you’re going to care about the work that’s due today (and causing you grief!) in a months time? Of course not, take a moment breath deeply and relax. You should spend some time with your friends, I’ve never probably spent more than 10 minutes with my friends without laughing and I believe this is the case for all friends around the world.

Yes, key to laugher is people. They don’t have to be friends, just other people, a funny movie is more funny if the cinema is full as opposed to empty. Laughter is contagious, laughter is beautiful. A laughing face is a beautiful thing, I’ve never seen an ugly “laugh-face”, it’s the physical manifestation of pure joy.

To close this off I’d like you to watch this short movie if you please, I don’t plan on finishing off with a youtube video on every post by the way. Enjoy…

- Dogman

*This info is from Wikipedia.


  1. Totally agree, that video was amazing. I once read a book saying that if we were on a train with people and it was stuck for hours, we would eventually be friends, why can't we do that sooner? Such a cool article, I'm happier than before I read it. It's gonna be a good day, thanks man

  2. Haha! that was awesome. 4 minute abs with Hamish Gow