Friday, January 18, 2013

Walter Wallace - Chapter 104

Angela was frozen stiff. She felt like a small animal caught up in the grip of a python. She could barely breathe; every time she exhaled the squeeze was tightened. But it no longer hurt. She was paralysed by the venom and could no longer feel her skeleton crumble under the crushing weight. She shut her eyes and enjoyed the numbness. She wanted to savour this death – but she couldn’t. As she slowly opened them again she saw the elevator doors closing once more.

She swiped the card once again and entered the penthouse suite. It was a massive place, covering the entire top floor of Citadel Towers. She stepped out from the elevator and slowly walked to the centre of the room where a man lay on a raised hospital gurney. His breathing was supported by the large machine on his opposite side. The elevator door beeped as it shut and the man groaned, turning with effort to see who had come to greet him.

He met her eyes, his own looking weary and bloodshot. She put the bag down beside his resting place and looked around the room. The camera was positioned high to the left so it could capture both Angela and Boss Citadel in one shot. She put the bag at the bottom of the gurney between the man’s legs. She took out her headset and hooked up the microphone. A dial tone gave way to a ringing and Bill answered.

“Are you ready?”

“I- I just have to read the letter and push the button?” Angela’s voice shook as she spoke.

“That’s it. Now just look up to the camera and when it flashes red make sure you’re smiling.” Bill said, his calm voice relaxing her a little. “I’m so proud of you, Angela.”

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